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AMD RX 7600 XT European Pricing

AMD RX 7600 XT European pricing costs €385. The desktop GPU is now available for purchase and you can use the box underneath to buy it. Below are some of the key specifications of the graphics card.

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AMD RX 7600 XT Highlights

The AMD RX 7600 XT features the Navi 33 GPU with 2048 stream processors. It employs 32 CUs, 64 AI Accelerators, and a boost frequency of 2.7GHz. Also, the desktop GPU comes in a memory configuration of 16GB GDDR6 that is clocked at 18Gbps with a 192-bit memory bus, giving it a bandwidth of 288 GB/s.

There’s a sum power rating of 190W. It is a certified 1080p gaming graphics card with excellent performance both in Ultra and Medium settings. See the full specifications here.

AMD RX 7600 XT price in Germany is €385. You can get it now from Amazon Germany and get it shipped to your home or office address. Also, you get 1x HDMI 2.1, 3X DisplayPort 2.1, DUAL-RX7600XT-O16G, etc.

AMD RX 7600 XT European Pricing

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AMD RX 7600 XT European Pricing

AMD RX 7600 XT price in Europe costs €385. The graphics card is now available for purchase. And you can visit any online retailer to order yours.






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