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Asus Shutting down its Zenfone lineup is not true

The report that Asus is shutting down its Zenfone lineup is not true. It’s just a rumor with no iota of truth. The tech company has issued a press statement refuting those claims, saying the report “is not true.”

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While it’s true that the brand is restructuring parts of its business, the Zenfones aren’t going away yet. This means the Zenfone 10 won’t be the last smartphone in the lineup.

“We would like to address the rumor that the Asus Zenfone 10 will be the last generation of the series and the Asus Zenfone product line will be shut down. This is not true. We will continue our two main phone business product lines, the ROG Phone and the Zenfone. Asus has a strong commitment to our smartphone business and customers. Please reference our Q2 earnings call for more information. Please stay tuned for our 2024 product lineups,” said Asus in its official press statement.

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I think that’s all we need to know or hear. The true state of the matter is that the Zenfone lineup will continue to stay.








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