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Top 5 Best USB Adapters for MacBook Pro

Here are the Top 5 best USB Adapters for MacBook Pro. The prices range from $12 to $100. And you’ll need a USB Hub or Adapter for your MacBook Pro/MacBook Air if you want to use a mouse, plug in a different keyboard, or connect your Mac to a USB-C monitor.

Top 5 Best USB Adapters for MacBook Pro

1. Plugable USB-C Hub

Plugable USB C

The pluggable USB-C adapter is very cheap. It will cost you $12. You’ll get 4 port USB 3.0 Hub and it’s compatible with your MacBook Pro. It’s simple to use. Just plug it into one of the USB-C ports on your Mac, and you can start using it immediately. Use the box below to buy it.

Buy Pluggable USB-C Adapter
Pluggable USB-C AdapterPrice
Buy on Amazon$12.95

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2. Mokin USB-C Hub

Mokin USB adapter

The Mokin USB-C adapter is affordable. It’s priced at $18. This gives you 6 ports of different kinds. The 6 USB-C include Three USB 3.0 ports, One USB-C/ThunderBolt 3, One SD card slot, and One TF card slot. You can use the box below to buy it.

Buy Mokin USB-C Adapter
Mokin USB-C AdapterPrice
Buy on Amazon$28.89
Buy on Amazon(UK)£45.67

3. Lention USB-C Adapter

Lention Adapter USB C

Lention USB-C Hub is priced at $16. It’s a 4-in-1 USB-C adapter. The ports available include One USB 3.0 port, Two USB 2.0 ports, and One USB-C port. It is compatible with your MacBook PCs.

Buy Lention USB-C Adapter
Lention USB-C AdapterPrice
Buy on Amazon$23.99

4. LionWei USB-C Adapter

Best usb C adapter for MacBook Pro

The LionWei USB-C Hub is priced at $50 for the 10-in-1 version. While the 7-in-1 model is priced at $32. You’ll get an HDMI port, 3.5mm audio jack, USB 3.0 ports, USB-C/ThunderBolt port, VGA Ethernet, etc. This adapter is compatible with MacBook Air too.

Buy LionWei USB-C Adapter
LionWei USB-C AdapterPrice
Buy on Amazon$42.99
Buy on Amazon(UK)£43.57

5. HyperDrive USB-C

Hyper USB C adapter

This is the most expensive and most sophisticated on the list. The Hyper USB-C adapter is priced at $99. What made it special is the magnetic grip. And it comes with multiple ports such as 4K HDMI, USB-C 40Gbps 100W PD, 3.1 USB-A, MicroSD/SD, etc. You can use the box below to buy it.

Buy HyperDrive USB-C
HyperDrive USB-CPrice
Buy on Amazon$99.99
Buy on Amazon(UK)£86.28

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Conclusion: Top 5 Best USB Adapters for MacBook Pro

The Top 5 best USB-C Adapters for MacBook Pro are now available for purchase. These USB-C Hubs are compatible with MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.






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