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BOE to teases the first gaming monitor to feature 500Hz refresh rate

As the gaming market is seen more advance and powerful GPUs and CPUs, more impressive gaming monitors are needed to level up and utilize the features of these GPUs. The Chinese display BOE has teased a display panel that sets a new benchmark in the world of gaming screens.

The new gaming monitor teased by BOE will be the first gaming screen to feature 500Hz refresh rate. This beats the 360Hz refresh rate you’ll see in current best gaming monitors.

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The gaming monitor teased by BOE is 27-inch and uses the high-mobility oxide TFT technology. According to Videocardz, it offers 1080p resolution and the lower resolution can be overlooked given the support for 500Hz refresh rate.

The display panel connection is 8-lane DisplayPort and has a 1ms response time and support for 8-bit color gamut. For those who don’t know, BOE is one of the leading display manufactures of LCD, LED, and LED panels.

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The company is also a leader in the oxide semiconductor display market and also makes foldable displays that has was used in smartphones such as Huawei Mate X and Motorola Razr.

BOE has shared a teaser video showcasing the prototype monitor in action and you can watch the teaser video here.

BOE new display

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A report from Chinese publication (machine-translated by Google) reads, “With years of technology accumulation, BOE has made important breakthroughs in the field of oxide semiconductor display technology, overcoming industry problems such as copper (Cu) easy to diffuse, easy to oxidize, and easy to drill and engrave, and is the first in the industry to achieve mass production of copper interconnect stack structures. And the integration of high refresh rate, high resolution, low power consumption oxide display technology.”

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To utilize a display with 500Hz refresh rate, you’ll need to get one of the best graphics card. Note that this display is only showcased as a prototype unit meant only for demonstration. So, as of now, there is no news from BOE if it plans to make a commercially available gaming monitor with support for 500Hz refresh rate.

Also, the company didn’t state the benefits of getting a display with such high refresh rate. But, should BOE decide to make a display with support for 500Hz refresh rate for the republic of gamers, there has to be some advantage.

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What do you think about a display with support for 500Hz refresh rate? Is it too much? Please share your opinion with us in the comment section below.





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