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Why Tech Companies Are Making Better 5G Android Phones

Android phone manufacturers are bringing out better 5G phones and it’s really not good. Yes it’s true that some regions are without 5G network but still everyone should be treated as equal.

Lots of phone users have taken to Twitter to share their disappoinment on using non 5G versions of Android phones released. It has been observed that the SOC used in 5G phones are better than those used in non 5G phones.

A typical example is the Samsung Galaxy S20 phones released this year. This phone line up comes in Exynos(non 5G) and Snapdragon (5G) versions.

According to Mr Arun on this YouTube Video, he showed how the Snapdragon version of the Galaxy S20 is much better than the Exynos version.

It was observed that the 5G version has better heat management, battery management and has better processing speed. Although the price of the Snapdragon version is quite expensive but that choice should be given to the buyers.

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Why are the companies doing this? Most likely to make more money. You have to understand that non 5G versions of these phones are cheaper to produce. And the difference in price is not that much.

To be honest, these phones companies only want to sell the right phone to the right people in the right region( don’t know if this makes sense to you).

Truth is, 5G phones can still work in non 5G regions. Only difference will be the fact that you can’t use the 5G network feature. So, why not just produce the 5G phones allow everyone use it?

Well, if you need an advice on purchasing between 5G and non 5G variants of phones, I’d advice you pay for the extra dollar and get the 5G variant.

So, tell us via the comment section what you think about companies producing 5G with better SOC than those in non 5G phones.





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