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First Google Pixel 9 Pro Pictures

Here are the first Google Pixel 9 Pro pictures revealing a smaller screen size and a new rear camera island. And could perhaps adopt the titanium frame just like the Apple 15 Pro and Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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Another major change we expect to see or according to the first surfaced CAD-based renders, the Google Pixel 9 Pro will have a Flat Display. First, it was Apple refusing to make a curved display phone, and then Samsung switched from the S23 Ultra curved display to a Flat Display with the S24 Ultra.

Does that mean “flat display” is now the new “Premium”? The camera bump on the back of the Google Pixel 9 Pro no longer spans from one end to the other. You can see the pictures below.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Pictures
Google Pixel 9 Pro Pictures







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