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Intel Core Ultra Processors Launched with 2x GPU Performance and AI

Intel has launched its latest processors for 2024 laptops. The Intel Core Ultra processors are made for laptops and they come in H-series or U-Series versions. The key highlights here include double GPU performance, Advanced AI, improved battery life experience, etc.

The Intel Core Ultra H-Series processors are more suited for gaming, while the U-series has lower performance, and more battery life is promised.

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Intel Core Ultra Processors Features


Intel Core Ultra processors are built on Intel’s 4 process technology- a new packaging using the company’s Foveros 3D technology. This will enable Intel to catch up with competition from TSMC and others.


Because the CPU style has changed for the better. The Intel Core Ultra series CPU now features a new P-core architecture with a higher IPC (instructions per cycle) count. Intel also introduced new low-power Efficient-cores to handle the lowest priority tasks and help improve battery life.

Intel Core Ultra H Series
Intel Core Ultra H-Series Specs
Intel Core Ultra U Series
Intel Core Ultra U-Series Specs

According to Intel, the Core Ultra processor has 11% faster performance than the Apple M3. Such a wide claim by Intel, but do well to return to read our comparison post. Now let’s move on to the GPU.


The Intel Core Ultra H-Series processors feature Intel Arc graphics with up to eight Xe-cores, AI-based XeSS (Xe Super Sampling), and DirectX Ultimate support. According to Intel, that is 2x the performance of the previous generation.

Intel Core Ultra supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing, mesh shading, AV1 encoding, and more.


When it comes to AI capabilities, Intel paid so much attention here. The Core Ultra processor has an NPU called Intel AI Boost. The “AI Boost” is a dedicated processor that works hand in hand with the CPU and GPU. It’s meant for longer-running workloads and it uses less power, enabling up to 2.5 times better power efficiency than the previous generation.

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When will Intel Core Ultra Laptops Be Available?

Intel Core Ultra laptops are available today starting December 14, 2023. Acer, Asus, MSI, and Lenovo have all announced new laptops with Intel’s latest H-series Core Ultra processors. More companies will announce their products in January 2024.







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