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MediaTek Helio G91 Specs: Old but New in Some ways

MediaTek Helio G91 Specs: The Helio G91 chipset is only 4G compatible. A new chipset because it was released in 2024 but at the same time, it’s an old chipset because of the features that aren’t improved as much.

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MediaTek Helio G91 Specs

The MediaTek Helio G91 has mostly similar hardware as its Helio G88 and G85 siblings but offers upgraded camera support. Disappointing as it may seem, it will serve a purpose for manufacturers looking to produce a competitive budget phone in 2024.

As per the CPU configuration, the MediaTek Helio G91 is manufactured on a 12nm process by TSMC. It brings 2x Crotex A75 clocked at 2.0 GHz joined by 6x Cortex-A55 ticking at 1.8 GHz. And when it comes to the GPU – Mali-G52 MC2 clocked at 1.0 GHz.

Display-wise, the chipset will support FHD+ resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate. Maximum of 8GB RAM, LPDDR4x, Bluetooth 5.0, max video recording resolution is 2K @ 30 fps, 1080P @ 60 fps.

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The Helio G91 CPU configuration is the same as the Helio G88 and G85 chipset. However, there’s one major improvement which is the ISP. The MediaTek Helio G91 supports a 108MP sensor that’s what differentiates it from the Helio G88 and G85.

MediaTek Helio G91 specs








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