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Samsung Digital Key Feature

Samsung Phones can now he use as Car Keys but with limited support

Technology is evolving and for some parts, we all love the direction it’s facing. From the first Galaxy Unpacked even of 2021, while unveiling the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung also revealed that the smartphones would allow users find and unlock Audi, BMW, Ford, and Genesis cars.

The said feature is now rolling out to Samsung users. But for now, it’s only available on a couple of Samsung phones, and it currently only supports one car model. In simple terms, you can now use some of your Samsung phones as Car Keys.

The Korean tech giant has started rolling out the Digital Key feature with its latest update for the following Samsung phones; the Galaxy S21+, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

For now, the new update is rolling out in only Samsung’s home country of South Korea, but it should reach more regions in the coming weeks.

According to Samsung, the Digital Key feature supports the newly launched Genesis GV60 luxury EV. So, if you own one of the Samsung phones mentioned above and the new car, the Digital Key feature will help you lock/unlock your car and safely share the key with friends.

Samsung Digital Key Feature
Samsung Digital Key Feature

As you can see from the images above, the Digital Key feature will also allow you to turn on the engine of your car remotely. In addition, the feature offers a horn button that will help you honk your car’s horn using your phone and easily find it in a crowded parking space.

If losing your digital key is among your worries, well Samsung gives the assurance that the Digital Keys feature uses Secure Element (eSE) to protect your information and encryption keys. And this means you have to trust Samsung and worry less about your virtual car keys been used by the wrong people.

It seems Samsung also has plans to roll out this update to the the older Galaxy Z Fold 2 some other of it’s devices. Maybe, users of other Samsung phones might get this feature with the coming software updates. For now, the feature only works with one car but it is expected to be available for more cars in coming months.

Although with limited support for now, Samsung phones can now be used as Car Keys. What do you think about this new update?






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