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The Apple Vision Pro May be too heavy, Apple thinking of a Fix

The Apple Vision Pro may be too heavy to wear for long. At the last Apple’s WWDC 2023, the tech company released a VR which they called “Apple Vision Pro”. The price of the VR is heavy costing $3,500 but it seems that’s not the only weight you’d have to deal with.

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According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, after the WWDC, Apple allowed many users to test the VR headset and the outcome of the experiments revealed the heaviness of wearing it for a couple of hours.

But while is the Apple Vision Pro heavy? Well, the obvious answer is because of the material that was used. Other VR headsets are using plastic. In contrast, Apple uses premium materials like aluminum and glass. That could be the primary reason why the Apple Vision Pro may be too heavy.

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Since the public sales will begin in January 2023, Apple could fix things as they currently are looking for a solution around it.








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