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Used iPhone 13: Save up to $200 on your next iPhone 13

Used iPhone 13: The Apple iPhone 13 series is the best Apple iPhone yet (at least until the iPhone 14 series). For the first time, an Apple iPhone features a 120Hz smooth refresh rate and a bigger 12MP camera sensor.

There is no doubt that the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are the best cell phones of 2021. These phones feature incredible performance, awesome user experience, impressive camera features, and long-lasting battery.

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And all these goodies that come with Apple iPhone 13 you can get while saving up to $200. An EXCELLENT rated used iPhone 13 costs about $200 less. And if you buy from Gazelle now, you can enjoy using the best phone of 2021 (potentially that of early 2022) at a cheaper price.

Well for those who don’t know, Gazelle is a trusted marketplace in the US where you can buy and sell used cell phones (including Apple iPhones). So, let’s get started by showing you how you can save up to $200 on your next iPhone 13.

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Buy Used iPhone 13 series

Apple iPhone 13 Mini

Used iPhone 13 Mini

Apple iPhone 13 Mini is a compact iPhone that features a 5.4-inch OLED display. Its usual price starts at about $799 but you can buy an EXCELLENT iPhone 13 Mini on Gazelle for just $699 (save $100).

The device is dust, water, and scratch-resistant. It features the newly released Apple A15 Bionic chip paired with 4GB of RAM. iPhone 13 Mini comes with a dual 12MP rear camera that has the sensor-shift OIS feature.

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If you need a compact powerful device that you can take anywhere, the iPhone 13 Mini is your device. It boots Apple iOS 15 out of the box and it’s upgradeable to iOS 15.2 (might get upgraded up to Apple iOS 18). To top it all, it has a long-lasting battery.

Where to buy Apple iPhone 13 Mini in the US
iPhone 13 MiniPriceCondition
Buy on Gazelle$644.00Fair
Buy on Gazelle$669.00Good
Buy on Gazelle$669.00Excellent

Apple iPhone 13

Used iPhone 13

The Apple iPhone 13 is the bigger version of the iPhone 13 Mini. It features a bigger 6.1-inch OLED display, same chipset, same camera setup, same camera features, same GPU and CPU.

The price of the Apple iPhone 13 on Gazelle is $724 which is better than the $899 you’ll pay to get it elsewhere. It has the same IP68 water and dust resistance ratings, comes with the same scratch resistance material, and even offers better battery life.

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As far as software goes, this device will be getting software updates for a very long time. Gazelle currently offers one of the best prices to buy the Apple iPhone 13 in the US.

Where to buy Apple iPhone 13 in the US
iPhone 13PriceCondition
Buy on Gazelle$724.00Fair
Buy on Gazelle$739.00Good
Buy on Gazelle$769.00Excellent

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Used iPhone 13 Pro

The starting price of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro retails at $999 but you can buy on Gazelle starting from $914. This 6.1-inch Apple iPhone is one of the best phones to buy even in early 2022. Its camera quality is insane and its display features a 120Hz refresh rate.

The performance of this device is so good that even the best Android phone of 2022 still struggles to level up. Then its camera set up and features are insane: a 12MP main camera with sensor-shift OIS, a 12MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, and a 12MP front camera.

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You can shoot 4k video with the cameras and you can shoot a full movie with this phone using the ProRes and Cinematic features of the camera. To top it all, its battery usage experience is far better than those of its Android counterpart. In simple terms, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro is the complete package.

Where to buy used Apple iPhone 13 Pro in the US
iPhone 13 ProPriceCondition
Buy on Gazelle$914.00Fair
Buy on Gazelle$939.00Good
Buy on Gazelle$969.00Excellent

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Used iPhone 13 Pro Max

The Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max gives you a bigger display to enjoy all the features inside the iPhone 13 Pro. This device features a 6.7-inch display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Its display is very bright and it’s big for gaming and watching movies

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Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max has the same camera set up and features as the 13 Pro. But, it comes with an even bigger and better battery. In fact, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the best battery phone of 2021. It’s perfect for everything and a bigger display is the icing on the cake for this device.

Where to buy used iPhone 13 Pro Max in the US
iPhone 13 Pro MaxPriceCondition
Buy on Gazelle$1,014.00Fair
Buy on Gazelle$1,039.00Good
Buy on Gazelle$1,069.00Excellent

Buying any of the used iPhone 13 series is one of the best phone purchases you can make in 2022. You get a very powerful device, a colorful and fast display, and incredible cameras at a really good price.

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