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Apple iPadOS 17: Small New Features To Make your Apple iPad Better

Apple iPadOS 17: Apple brought a lot of changes to Apple iPads with the release of the Apple iPadOS 16. But that is not stopping the Cupertino tech giant to bring even more features to the iPads with the new Apple iPadOS 17 OS update. In its WWDC 2023 event, Apple announced the release of the iPadOS 17 and iOS 17 OS updates. You should read our Apple iOS 17 New Feature article to know more about the iOS 17 update as we’ll focus on the iPadOS 17 in this article.

The iPadOS already have some really interesting features like using multiple apps and using iPad across multiple displays. Apple also brought Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro Apps to the iPad a few months back. However, the company is not done as it’s introducing more personalized features and a new app to the iPad with the Apple iPadOS 17 update.

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Apple iPadOS 17 New Features

Apple iPadOS 17

Apple did not make an overhaul to the iPadOS but the company sure introduced some new features that will be very useful to iPad users. Below are the new features coming to the Apple iPad thanks to the iPadOS 17.

1. Widgets

Starting from iPadOS 17, owners of Apple iPads will be able to customize their lock screen with widgets. Users can drag and drop their preferred widgets on the lock screen of their iPad. This makes it possible for users to play their preferred album, check the weather, control the home light, etc from their iPad widgets without unlocking the iPad.

iPadOS 17 Health App

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2. Wallpapers

Apple iPadOS 17 allows users to customize their home screen using wallpapers. You can tap and hold the screen to see various wallpapers. You can even upload your own wallpapers to suit your interest. To make it even more interesting, iPadOS 17 allows users to select a live photo and Apple uses Advance machine learning to create a smooth motion display for the wallpaper (live a short video or an animated photo).

3. Live Activities

Live Activities is another interesting feature that is coming to iPad with the iPadOS 17 update. This feature allows you to keep track of Live activities such as your food order, your next flight, timer, and live scores. It also allows users to set and monitor multiple timers.

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4. Health App

iPadOS 17 Health App

Apple is bringing the Health App to the Apple iPad for the first time in iPadOS 17. The Health App on iPad is designed to take advantage of the big screen. Users will be able to get more details about their health activities and medication with ease.

5. PDF

PDFs are already built into iPadOS but in Apple iPadOS 17, iPad will now be able to edit, fill in details, and sign PDF documents without the need for third-party apps. This new feature will also work with files/documents you take with your iPad camera.

Apple iPadOS 17 PDF collaboration

You don’t need a third-party app and you can use your Apple pencil to sign documents or upload your signature. Collaboration on PDF has also improved on the iPadOS 17. It supports Live Collaboration which allows you and your friends to edit files in real-time.

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These are the new features coming to the Apple iPads via the Apple iPadOS 17 update. Other features include improvements made to the stage manager which now lets it take advantage of the built-in camera of external display for Facetime and conference calls and free form now also has new drawing tools.

Now that you know the new features that the Apple iPadOS 17 is bringing, which one do you like the most and why? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.






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