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Apple iOS 17: Apple Refines Its New iPhone OS with Three New Features

Apple has announced the Apple iOS 17 in the WWDC 2023 and it comes with some refinement and three new features. The refinement and new features introduced by Apple to the iOS 17 are aimed at making the new Apple iOS even better.

Some of the changes are not groundbreaking but will be very useful to users. So, if you missed the WWDC 2023 and you need an easy recap of the changes the Cupertino tech giant will make to the Apple iOS 17, then this is the right article for you.

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Apple iOS 17 New Features

Apple iOS 17

Apple is making some important changes to already existing apps in the iPhone by bringing some new features to these apps. For example, the Phone App, FaceTime App, and Messages are getting new features that make using them even more interesting.

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1. Contact Posters on Phone App

One of the new feature that Apple is bringing to the Phone App on Apple iPhones with the iOS 17 is Contact Posters. Contact Posters is a new visual identity feature on iOS 17 and it also appears as contact card. Users can decide image, fonts, and colors to design their Contact Posters.

iPhone apps

2. Live Text on VoiceMail

With Apple iOS 17, you will be able to see transcript of voicemail live as a caller is dropping the voicemail. This is especailly useful if you’re in a noisy area and can’t pick calls immediately. The live text transcript from the voicemail will still allow you get the message.

Voicemail live test on iOS 17

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3. Video Message

The Phone App is not the only app getting new features. With iOS 17, FaceTime will allow you to leave a video message for your friends and families. This means, even if you FaceTime a friend or family but you could not connect with them, you can still leave a video message and share what you wanted to share with them.

4. Messages

The message app is also getting some tuning. In Apple iOS17, the message app will get better seacrh results with improve search filters, a catch up feature that allows you jump to mesages you have not read, and the location feature now allows you keep track of your friends location.

iPhone Stickers and Emojis on iOS17

One new new feature that will be availble in message on iOS 17 is Check In. The Check In feature will allow you to Check In your location with your friends and family when you go out. The feature will notify and confirm when you’re home and will also contact your emergency contact if you’re not home after the estimated time you’re suppose to be home.

The iMessage Apps interface has also been redesigned, more emojis, and stickers have also been added. You can now also use photos from your iPhone to create stickers on your iPhone and also add effects to these stickers.

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5. NameDrop

NameDrop is a ne feature coming to Airdrop on Apple iPhones with the Apple iOS 17 update. This feature allows you to easily share your contact by bringing your iPhone close to another iPhone or close to your Apple Watch. With this feature on the iOS 17, iPhone users can now say goodbye to the era of typing or sending your contact. NameDrop makes it easy and fast to share contact information on the go.

6. Journal

Apple iOS 17 Journal

Journal is a new App that will be available for iPhone users later this year. This app will make it possible for users to keep record of events with ease. It’ll allow users to save pictures, videos, and texts of events. It’s like been your own personal jounalist reporting your own adventures.

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7. Stanby

Apple iOS 17 Standby

Standby is another new feature that Apple is introducing to iPhones with the release of the Apple iOS 17. Turning your iPhone and charging sideways will trigger the Standby feature. The purpose is to allow you gain easy access to quick features like the clock, widgets, photos, livescores, etc. This way, you iPhone is always on standby for use.

These are the imressive features coming to the Apple iPhones with the Apple iOS 17 update. Other features include improved autocorrect and dictation, airdrop files over the internet, save and use maps offline, and ability to say just “Siri” instead of “Hey Siri”. Which of these new features of the Apple iOS 17 are you mostexcited about and why? Tell us in the comment section below.






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