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Apple M4 vs Apple M2 Chip: How Fast is the New iPad Pro (2024)?

Apple M4 vs Apple M2 Chip: Which is faster? The latest iPad Pro 2024 is powered by a new chip called “M4”. The previous iPad Pro (2022) was powered by an Apple M2 Chip. Let’s assume you are yet to pre-order the new M4 iPad Pro that was released on May 7, 2024. And let’s believe you are interested but only waiting for the test results to come out first before you make a final decision whether to get it or not.

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Apple M4 vs Apple M2: Results!

The new Apple M4 chip is 44% faster in single-core than the M2 chip. Also, the M4 chip is 45% faster in multi-core than the M2 chipset. This simply means that when it comes to performance, the new iPad Pro M4 (2024) is better/faster than the older generation iPad Pro (2022).

M4 Chip M2 Chip

Another impressive thing about the new iPad Pro M4 (2024) is how battery-efficient it is. Despite the high performance, the thermal management is more efficient and well-positioned. Thus, resulting in more excellence.

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The new chipset is designed on a newer semiconductor node, TSMC’s N3E, while the M2 was fabbed on an N5P node. In our subsequent post, we’ll compare the M4 to the M3 chip. Also, if you like what you see, you can already pre-order the new iPad Pro 2024 models.






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