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10 Best AI Tools for Academic Research: Top AI for Research Projects (Free & Paid versions)

10 Best AI Tools for Academic Research: ChatGPT is a popular AI tool to use for your research project. However, there are other dedicated AI tools out there for academic researchers to use. In this post, we’re going to outline the top 10 AI tools we have used for our academic research project.

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Best AI Tools for Academic Research

OpenRead (Free and Paid)

OpenRead is one of the best AI Tools I’ve ever used for an academic research project. It’s powered by over 300 million papers. The platform has useful features such as a Q&A system that provides fast answers to questions about papers. Moreover, the Paper Espresso feature assists in generating literature reviews by digesting papers and saving time for researchers. You can also upload a PDF file and it will quickly summarise it.

OpenRead’s free plan has a limited feature. But to get access to numerous features, that will cost you $5/monthly for the basic plan. Unlimited access is for the premium plan of $20/month.

Explainpaper (Free and Paid)

I’m still surprised about how good this is to be for free. It’s absolutely one of the best AI tools for any academia to try out. Explainpaper is the fastest way to read research papers. All you have to do is upload a paper/PDF, highlight confusing text, and get an explanation. It’s that easy. But for professional experience, you can subscribe to the Plus plan for $12/per month.

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Einblick is very useful for Chart Generation. All you have to do is take three simple steps. First, upload the dataset. Second, describe the chart that you want, and third, generate the chart. Einblick is very easy to use.


Tavily AI is a Research Assistant for rapid insights and comprehensive research. Tavily takes care of everything from accurate source gathering to the organization of research results. However, to take advantage of this AI tool, you will have to sign in. It’s a cool tool for academic research.

SCISPACE (Free and Paid)

SCISPACE is a loveable AI research tool. It’s loved by more than One Million researchers from credible universities worldwide. SciSpace can help you comprehend research papers better by helping you explain, elaborate, and transcribe in simple words. SciSpace is good for literature review, and PDF summarization and you can read with AI CoPilot.

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Honorable Mentions
Conclusion: Best AI Tools for Academic Research

This list of the best AI tools for Academic research will be updated regularly to include subsequent releases. But tell us in the comments section which one you use the most.






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