With the end of 2019 around the corner, we have decided to put together a simple list of best cheap android phones with good cameras for the year 2019. Well this post is particularly meant for persons who likes photos but have low budget or can’t purchase premium phones.

With as little as N32,5000 Naira, you’d be surprise the quality of android phone you might be able to get. We want you to know that all Android phones listed here are below N40,000 Naira and all phones listed here are brand new.

Another interesting thing is that these phones can be purchased at almost all online and offline mobile phone shop in Nigeria. It is important that you note that while these phones official price might be below the N40,000 Naira mark, prices also varies depending on your location.

List of Best Cheap Android Phones With Good Cameras

All the Android phones listed above are very affordable and will cost you below N40,000 Naira to get them. While their camera might not be on the pro level, but they do offer good photo quality when it comes to photos.

Features of the Cheap Android Phones With Good Cameras

Most of the Android phones above have triple rear camera and single selfie camera. These phones have at the least 8 megapixel lens as main camera with depth sensor. At the front, they came with at the least 5 megapixel for selfies.

Another feature that makes the camera of these phones really good is the AI beauty feature. This feature makes it possible for the phone camera to process photos with filters that makes the photo very pretty.

We can’t talk about the features of these phones without mentioning the portrait mode of these phones. The portrait mode makes the phone to take photos of object in focus and blur the background and other things not in focus.

There is also the presence of back and front flashlight which makes it really nice to take night photos. With these features, you can capture all the moments even at night.

If you are looking for the key features of these phones we have put together This List to help you for the month of December. But note that while this phones might not be able to take photos on the pro level, the quality of their photos is very good.

Which will be your next cheap android phone with good camera? Is there any phone you think should have made the list? Please tell us via your comment below.

Remember, you don’t need to have hundreds of thousands before you can get a phone that take good photos. There are phones that cost less than N40,000 Naira that will get the job done with ease.

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