Unlimited Data Plan: I want to start off by saying that it’s not really UNLIMITED if your data plan has a data cap. And almost all the available unlimited data plans have a data cap except ONE. So, I’ll talk about all these and show you the best Unlimited data plan you can get from AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon.

Obviously, there are a couple of things you’ll have to consider before you opt in for an unlimited data plan. few of these things are; cost, coverage, data speed, features, and perks.

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In this article, I’ll be pitching AT&T, T Mobile, and Verizon against each other. I’ll be comparing the prices of their unlimited data plans, coverage, data speed, features, and perks.

Then at the end will be a quick recap that will help you decide depending on what you prefer. So, let’s get started.

AT&T vs T Mobile vs Verizon Unlimited Plans

T Mobile provides you with cheap unlimited data. From the price comparison tables below, T-Mobile unlimited plans are at least $5 cheaper than AT&T unlimited plans and $10 cheaper than Verizon unlimited Plans.

The table below shows the price comparison of unlimited plans from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon

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AT&T vs T Mobile vs Verizon Unlimited Plans: Price

The price below is for AT&T Unlimited Starter, T Mobile Essentials, and Verizon Start Unlimited

Unlimited PlansPrice
AT&T Unlimited Starter$65
T-Mobile Essentials$60
Verizon Start Unlimited$70

The price below is for AT&T Unlimited Extra, T Mobile Magenta, and Verizon Play More Unlimited

Unlimited PlansPrice
AT&T Unlimited Extra$75
T-Mobile Magenta$70
Verizon Play More Unlimited$80

The price below is for AT&T Unlimited Elite, T Mobile Magenta Max, and Verizon Get More Unlimited

Unlimited PlansPrice
AT&T Unlimited Elite$85/line
T-Mobile Magenta Max$85/line
Verizon Get More Unlimited$90/line

From the price tables above, you can see that buying an unlimited plan from T-Mobile can save you a few bucks every month.

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But, price is not the only factor to consider when buying an unlimited data plan for yourself. Well, except you actually take pricing too seriously. Let’s talk about data cap and data speed.

AT&T vs T Mobile vs Verizon Family Plans: Data Cap and Data Speed

Unlimited Data PlanData CapUpload SpeedDownload Speed
AT&T StarterBelow 50GB9.4 Mbps28.9 Mbps
T-Mobile Essentials50GB12.9 Mbps32.7 Mbps
Verizon StartBelow 50GB10.0 Mbps32.2 Mbps
AT&T Extra50GB9.4 Mbps28.9 Mbps
T-Mobile Magenta100GB12.9 Mbps32.7 Mbps
Verizon Play More70GB10.0 Mbps32.2 Mbps
AT&T Elite100GB9.4 Mbps28.9 Mbps
T-Mobile Magenta MaxUnlimited12.9 Mbps32.7 Mbps
Verizon Get More100GB10.0 Mbps32.2 Mbps

From the table above, T Mobile has a better data cap with its most premium unlimited plan has unlimited data cap (no data cap). Yes, you heard right. According to T Mobile, their Magenta Max plan has no premium data which means no data cap.

The Magenta Max from T-Mobile is the only Unlimited plan that is truly UNLIMITED. They also boost the fastest upload and download speed according to data from Review.org.

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So far, T Mobile is your go-to place if you need; cheap unlimited data, fast upload, and fast download (data speed). But we just getting started with this comparison. Next is coverage.

AT&T vs T Mobile vs Verizon Unlimited Data Plans: Network Coverage

Network Carriers3G Coverage4G Coverage5G Coverage
AT&TBetterBetter (68%)Better
T-MobileBetterBetter (62%)Best
VerizonBestBest (70%)Better

Verizon is the cellular provider with the overall widest coverage. If you want to have a network in rural areas, chances are, Verizon got you covered. From the table above, they cover more than 70% of the United States. AT&T comes second while T Mobile is just little behind.

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But, for the best 5G connectivity, T-Mobile is your best cellular provider. Thanks to the merger with Sprint. Now let’s talk about the features and perks of family plans offered by these network carriers and internet providers.

AT&T vs T Mobile vs Verizon Unlimited Plans: Features and Perks

15G Available5G Available5G Available
2.Up to 100GB Data cap50GB – Unlimited data capUp to 100GB data cap
3.Unlimited talk & textUnlimited talk & textUnlimited talk & text
4.Unlimited textUnlimited textUnlimited text
5.SD & HD streamingSD & 4k UHD streamingSD & HD streaming
6.Unlimited texting from the U.S. to 120+ countriesNetflix Standard: 2 Screen HD (for 2+ line accounts)Disney+ for 6 Months
7.Unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico & CanadaAn hour of in-flight Gogo® Wi-Fi on eligible flightsApple Music for 6 Months
8.Free in-flight textingDiscovery+ for 6 Months
9.50% off unlimited connected device plans
10.600GB of Verizon could storage

From the table above, the cellular provider with the most perks is Verizon. With the perks offered by Verizon, you can save a few bucks watching or streaming your favorite shows online.

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The perks might just make the expensive Verizon unlimited plans worth it after all.

Recap: AT&T vs T Mobile vs Verizon Unlimited Data

If you need an Unlimited plan that is cheap and has more data cap, then T Mobile Unlimited Plans is the best network carrier for you. Verizon Unlimited plans are good for you if you can ignore the high price tags and focus on its best coverage and many perks. AT&T Unlimited plans sit right in the middle and give you good coverage and decent perks at a fair price.

Did I miss anything in this unlimited data plan comparison between AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon? Please use the comment section below or send us an email using the Contact Us page.

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