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Buy Phone in the US: Best Places to buy your next cell phone

Buy Phone in the US: If you’re looking to buy your next phone, the question as to where you can buy comes to mind. This question is usually because you need a more convenient, fast, safe, and pocket friendly place to buy your cell phone.

If you live in the United States, there are at least 11 places online and/or in-store where you can purchase your next cell phone. Be it you need a carrier locked cell phone, unlocked cell phones, used cell phones, and even refurbished cell phones.

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Note: Our team have used all the places listed here and the ratings here is based on our experience buying phones from these places.

Best Places to Buy Phone in the US

Buy Phone in the US

Whatever type of phone you’re looking phone, be it iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, Motorola, OnePlus, Nokia, TCL, Xiaomi, Realme, OPPO, Vivo etc. you can get them in the United States. You can buy them via online or in-store. You can buy brand new, used, or refurbished depending on your budget. So, here are the best places you can buy cell phones in the United States.

Buy phone in the US (online purchase)


The most preferred place to buy a cell phone in the US is probably Amazon. This is because most of the phone companies have shops on the Amazon Market place and you get the best prices for phones here. During Black Friday deals and other holidays, you also get to enjoy incredible discounts on Amazon.

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Another reason why you might want to buy from Amazon is that all cell phones are are certified. Plus, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you get to enjoy some really nice perks including free same day delivery (in most cases).

Lastly, Amazon US also gives you lots of options. You can choose to buy carrier locked devices or unlocked devices. For example, if you love AT&T, you can easily buy an AT&T phone on Amazon without stress.

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2. BestBuy

Just like Amazon above, BestBuy is also an online market place in the US. Most phone companies also sell their cell phones via BestBuy. This means, you also get to buy phones in retail price here as on Amazon. But, one of the reasons why you might consider BestBuy ahead of Amazon is purchasing phone on contract.

On BestBuy, you can choose to buy a cell phone and pay completely or purchase a cell phone and pay gradually. This is something you don’t commonly see on Amazon. So, even if you don’t have the complete money, subject to bestbuy terms and conditions, you can buy a phone and pay over period of months.

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Note that buying phones on contract mostly applies when you pick a carrier locked cell phone. BestBuy also offer nice deals, discounts, and pre-order gifts.

3. Giztop

Giztop is an online market place based in Shenzhen, China. If you live in the United States or North America and need to get first hand Chinese smartphones, the Giztop is your go to place. We’re not talking about Huawei as these phones does not support the Google Mobile services.

All cell phones listed on Giztop have support for Google Mobile Services, can download apps and games from the Google Play Store, and have support for OTA software update. Every cell phone released in China is listed in Giztop within 24 hours and shipping to the US is no much of a problem. The fast shipping options on Giztop including DHL, EMS, and FEDEX.

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Latest phones from Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus, Motorola, Vivo, ZTE etc. are listed here months even before it appear in Europe and US. All the phones listed here also have support for at least 2 languages and sometimes more than 20+ languages.

But note that phones on this site are most unlocked and check the network band to be sure if it’ll work with the network bands in the United State before buying a device from Giztop. The company usually lists supported network bands in the specifications of any device.

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4. AliExpress

AliExpress is another Chinese based online store to buy China and Korea cell phones. All phones listed here are mostly China versions including Huawei phones. Chinese based in the US and anyone who needs China version phone, will find buying phones from AliExpress very useful.

The company ships to almost anywhere around the world. How fast you get the phone depends on the shipping method selected when checking out. For lovers of Huawei phones and accessories, AliExpress is your best plug.

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Buy phone in the US (In-Store Purchase)

If you’re old school just like my dad or have the time to see and experience the phone in person, then In-store purchase is your best bet. And YES, there are lots of places where you can just walk in and buy a smartphone yourself.

Most phone companies and carriers can give you an in-store experience when you want to buy a cell phone. You can easily locate a store close to you depending on the carrier you prefer. See links to locate various stores below:

1. AT&T Store Locator
2. T-Mobile Store Locator
3. Verizon Store Locator
4. Samsung Stores
5. Apple Stores

Buy phone in the US (Used and Refurbished Phones)

1. Gazelle

Our number one pick of best place to buy used and/or refurbished phones in the US is Gazelle. Gazelle offers series of used cell phones for sale. The most interesting thing about Gazelle is that phones listed here are categorized into: fair, good, and excellent.

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Used phones in fair conditions are usually cheaper but not the best to buy. This does not mean these phones are bad, its just that they’re not as clean as those in Good or Excellent conditions. Phones in Excellent conditions is the best and most expensive used phone to buy with phones in Good conditions been the tiebreaker.

Note that all used phones on Gazelle are certified by technicians on Gazelle to be worthy before been listed. So, value for money is guaranteed for any used phones.

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2. eBay

Another good place to buy used cell phones is eBay. eBay gives you variety of options such as, open box phones, refurbished phones, used phones, and brand new phones.

In most cases, you can bid for these phones and when the bidding time elapses the highest bidder buys the device. Prices on eBay are also relatively cheap compare to Amazon, BestBuy, AliExpress, and Giztop above.

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Wherever you are in the US, whatever method you prefer, whichever carrier you like, these are the top 11 places you can buy phones in the United States.

You can buy phones online or use the store locator section to visit your preferred store. Is there a pace you think we skipped? Please use the Contact Us page to send us a message and our team will use the platform and see if its worthy to be on this list.





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