ChatGPT vs Gemini: Which is the best AI Chatbot? Artificial intelligence (AI) is now the present and the future. It has completely changed and transformed how we use our smart devices. These days, we now have the best AI smartphones and the best AI laptops.

AI can make writing codes easier, with AI you can create Art, make investments, summarize notes, and more. The list of what AI can do is endless. Thus, in this post, we’re going to compare ChatGPT vs Gemini to know which one is the best AI Chatbot.

ChatGPT vs Gemini

1. Gemini AI is a Faster Chatbot

Google Gemini AI Chatbot is faster than ChatGPT. It’s about 2x or even 3x faster in response than ChatGPT which is impressive. But what matters the most is the response quality which we detailed below.

2. Response Quality

Gemini’s response quality is top-notch. Both Chatbots were asked to write a JS poem and below is how they delivered. ChatGPT poem was decent but Gemini did justice to it. That was just an example of many other instances where the Gemini AI was superb in response quality.

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3. Which one is Safer to Use?

The Google Gemini is safer to use than the ChatGPT. For example, when asked to generate violent images, the Google Gemini will refuse bluntly. In one of the prompts, the Gemini AI responded that creating violent images is against its guidelines.

4. Which one is better for Writing Code?

ChatGPT and Gemini can read codes and be able to detect bugs if needed. Additionally, both can write code and possibly run them. However, I did notice that in some instances, the ChatGPT has an edge. Overall, the ChatGPT is more developer-friendly than the Google Gemini. At least for now.

5. Which one is More Popular

ChatGPT was the first AI Chatbot to rock the world. It took the tech Industry by storm and soon became the renowned pioneer of AI Chatbot. Now that Google has rebranded its AI from “Bard” to “Gemini”, it will take some time for everyone to know it. However, once it clicks it will be more popular because Google is building the Gemini AI into all of its services.

Thus, for now, ChatGPT is more popular but we do expect Gemini AI to surpass chatGPT before the end of 2024.

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Conclusion: ChatGPT vs Gemini

Will Google Gemini kill ChatGPT? Only time will tell. But one fact is that the Google Gemini is at par with ChatGPT. And now we’ll wait to see the arrival of ChatGPT 5. Hopefully, it introduces something new but we don’t know when it will arrive.

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