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Desi Ujkashevic from Ford Joins Apple Car Team

Apple has recruited a former Ford engineer Desi Ujkashevic to join the Apple Car project. Ujkashevic has been working with Ford for about three decades now before his resignation to join the Apple car team. Before her departure from Ford, she has been serving as the Global Director of Ford’s Automotive Safety Engineering Office.

Apple is aiming to launch its first car project before 2028. And according to Bloomberg, it is Apple’s desire for the Apple car to be safer than cars from Tesla and Waymo. And one way Apple plan to achieve this is by building backup systems that would avoid driving system failures.

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Desi Ujkashevic has mastery in safety systems, engineering design deliverables, body interior engineering, and more. Thus, with her joining the Apple car team, her knowledge and loads of experience could be used in helping Apple develop safeguards for electric vehicles.

Ujkashevic has a good record with Ford. She first joined the car company in 1991 and gradually see herself through to the top positions over the years. She had a hand in the making of the Ford Escape, Explorer, Fiesta, and Focus, plus she worked on electric vehicles.

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Apple car
credit: Vanorama

Apple car release date is not certain yet. But it could become a thing sometime in the next decade. Apple is gradually setting up the team for the car project. And with Ujkashevic now added to the team, the future of Apple cars is brighter than before.







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