A render image of the Google Pixel 4a has surfaced online. It was leaked by @Onleaks who is a top and respected leakster in the smartphone industry. Most people including tech analyst criticized the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL when it was released.

But will this new Google Pixel 4a do better? Well we have a little detail regarding this phone that is rumored to be released by Google sometime in May 2020.

Pixel 4a leak

Before you proceed it is important you note that note all the features here will likely be official. So we advice you sip these leaked features as you would do a cup of tea.

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For starters, the render of the phone shows that the Pixel 4a will have a punch how design. And it’s bezel is so slim that it suggest that the phone won’t be packed with all the sensors that accompanied the Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL.

The render also shows that the new phone will has a fingerprint sensor at the back. A rear mounted fingerprint sensor hints that possibly the phone will lack a 3D facial scanner.

Pixel 4a leak

All the sensors and gesture won’t likely be available either, due to the fact that it has a very slim bezel and the loss of Soli. But what use will it do anyway, considering the fact that some of these gesture control system is disabled in some countries, including India, due to spectrum utilization restrictions.

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Pixel 4a render shows that there will be a single rear camera. Though the camera will be placed same box shape as the one found in the pixel 4XL. Well this might be a little disappointing given the fact that dual, triple and quad camera have take over the market.

Pixel 4a leak

But hey you can take amazing photos with just a single camera. Google have kept to not using more camera regardless of what is happening around.

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According to reports from 91Mobiles’ , the Pixel 4a’s screen will likely be 5.7-inch or 5.8-inch across. With the smaller bezels, the phone is believe to be actually more compact than the Pixel 3a, at 144.2 x 69.5 x 8.2mm.

We currently don’t have all the details but with the features leaked we can make some few guesses. First, it’s battery will likely be above the 3000 mAh mark.

It might also spot same camera software as the one seen in the Google Pixel 4XL. It’s price will be around $400 to $490 mark. Like we said earlier, all these are unconfirmed and we hope to get more insights in the coming weeks.

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