Google is reportedly going to replace Android auto with the Google Assistant driving mode. According to reports from XDA Developers, some users are currently not able to use Android Auto.

It seems that all the functions of the Android auto app will available in the driving mode of the Google Assistant. The guys over at XDA where able to simulate the behavior of the Android Auto App on a Pixel 3 XL with Android 12.

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The report from XDA Developers, also made it clear that Android auto is still running on a Pixel 5 with the fourth beta of Android 12, but it must be installed via sideloading. It can no longer be played on the smartphone from the Play Store.

Google is replacing Android Auto

The replacement of the android auto was hinted by Google back in 2019. With the introduction of the drive mode in Google Assistant, it was only a matter of time before Android Auto app was put to rest.

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For now, Android Auto still works in smartphones but maybe not for long. Users already have the regular Android car app preinstalled on smartphones with Android 10 or higher.

Google announced the driving mode of the Google Assistant back in May 2019. Android Users can start the driving mode with a voice command, among other things. The driving mode is also integrated in Google Maps.

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The driving mode of the Google assistant started in the USA before rolling out to other regions. Users in Germany also now have access to use the driving mode of the Google Assistant since spring of 2021.

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