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Google Tensor G3 vs Apple A17 Pro: Which is Faster?

Google Tensor G3 vs Apple A17 Pro: Which is faster? The Tensor G3 chipset is the latest SoC from Google that’s powering the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro Smartphones. On the other hand, the Apple A17 Pro is powering the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. Let’s get to the full comparison below to know which one is faster and more powerful.

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First, you must know that smartphones that use the Apple A17 Pro chip are more expensive than those of Tensor G3. The iPhone 15 Pro is currently the cheapest phone using the A17 Pro chipset and it’s priced at $999. In contrast, you would see the Pixel 8 using the Tensor G3 priced at $699.

The simple or obvious reason why the A17 Pro powered iPhones are more expensive is because the Apple A17 Pro is faster than the Google Tensor G3.

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The Apple A17 Pro is 61% faster in multi-core and 50% better in single-core than the Google Tensor G3. Going by Geekbench 6 scores, the Apple A17 Pro had 2,758 Single-core points and 7,198 multi-core. While the Tensor G3 chip had 1,760 points on single-core and 4,442 on multi-core.

Here is the CPU architecture, the Tensor G3 chipset is built on Samsung’s 4nm process with a 1x 3GHz (Cortex-X3), 4x 2.45GHz (Cortex-A715), and 4x 2.15GHz (Cortex-A510). In contrast, the Apple A17 Pro is the first chipset in the industry that’s built on TSMC 3nm process. And just like before, Apple’s A17 Pro features two performance cores and four energy-efficient cores.

GPU-wise, both chipsets feature hardware ray-tracing technology. The A17 Pro packs 6-cores. While the Tensor G3 uses ARM’s latest GPU design – Immortalis-G715s with 10 cores clocked up to 890MHz.

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Google Tensor G3 vs Apple A17 Pro: Conclusion

Apple A17 Pro is over 50% faster in CPU than the Tensor G3 chipset. While both share some similarities when it comes to their gaming capabilities, however, it’s no doubt that the A17 Pro is significantly better because of its ability to play a grade-console game. They support 5G connectivity and neural engineering/Machine Learning is Spot on too.






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