Harmony OS better than Android: Although Harmony OS uses Android pen Source Platform, it seems to be better than Android OS in some ways. So far, Harmony OS appears to be more versatile and lighter than Android.

Truth is, Harmony OS is half Android but it takes all the good of Android and amplify it to be even better. Not only will it enable smartphones, tablets and computers to operate, it will also be able to form the basis of smart home devices – from a light bulb and a switch to a smart speaker and TV.

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Huawei has managed to make the OS very light. This makes it demand less resource than Android.

In line with the above, Harmony OS will consume less RAM and storage than Android-based EMUI 11. This means Harmony OS users will have extra free space. We’re talking about possibility of hundreds of megabytes extra space.

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Harmony OS uses less RAM

From tests so far, Harmony OS frees up the RAM. Installing the OS on Huawei phones will save a user an average of half a gigabyte of RAM, depending on the smartphone. It is logical that the less RAM is installed initially, the less it will be released, and vice versa.

Harmony OS better than Android
Source: androidinsider.ru

Now this is a good thing because the average application consumes from 50 to 200 megabytes of data. So, freeing up more RAM will make it possible for you to keep additional 5 to 10 apps in memory.

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Also, the internal memory is freed up too. For example, Harmony OS managed to free up as much as 6 GB from the Huawei P40 Pro+. Even though 6GB might seem insignificant to the 128GB that come with the P40 Pro+.

However, getting an extra 6 GB is still nice, and secondly, for devices in the mid-range, low-budget, and entry-level price segment, this is will be very useful.

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Two areas Harmony OS is better than Android

To take this into perspective, think about a typical Huawei, Honor or any other device that is under $250. Most of these phones come with limited internal storage of about 32GB or at best 64GB. For these devices, an additional 6GB will definitely not be superfluous.

It will allow them to fill them with several dozen applications or games, a thousand or two of photos or several hundred videos.

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But even this is not the best part of the OS. What actually makes Harmony OS top Android is that it’s economical. You see, Huawei managed to make the OS as lightweight as possible so that the operating system can work properly on devices of different types. 

As a result, this is almost guaranteed to provide both a high level of performance with reduced resource consumption. A video surfaced last week that showed how fast Apps opened in the Harmony OS.

Having its own ecosystem means we’re expecting the level of experience as on Apple devices: high performance coupled with low energy and resource consumption. The Chinese tech giant now has a unique opportunity to develop not only hardware, but also software, which is now its own platform, and not a shell, as it was before.

From the beta testing of the Harmony OS, we can already see how good the Huawei OS can actually get.

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