Back in 2019 Honor Mobile lost its access to use Google Mobile Services due to the ban placed on its mother company Huawei by the United States. But things are taking a different direction this year 2021.

Honor Mobile has broken away from its former owner (Hauwei) and now an independent body. As such, they just resumed talks with Google to start using Google Mobile services.

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Future Honor Phones to Start Using Google Mobile Services

According to an interview by South China Morning Post, Honor CEO George Zhao said the company is already in talks with Google on resuming ties in the coming months.

This means that future Honor Mobile phones can start using Google Mobile Services (if the talks goes well). The implication is that Honor phones will now ship with and have direct access with Google services such as Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube.

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About week ago, Honor announced agreements with several companies including Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung, AMD, mediate and Sony as their new component suppliers.

No official news as to when Honor phones will start shipping with or start using Google Mobile Services. But recent news, rumors and reports suggests that the first Honor phone with GMS might debut in the spring of 2021. Maybe, the incoming Honor X20 might just support Google services.

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For now, it seems Honor is focusing its efforts on China. According to the CEO, George Zhao, the goal is for the company to release flagship smartphones that can compete with Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Note and S series and Huawei mate series.

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