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Huawei Offices in Nigeria: Where to Repair Your Huawei Phones

Are you looking for Huawei offices in Nigeria? Their locations, phone contacts and time of work? If so, then you are in the right place to get all the information you require.

Here are some reasons why you may want to know Huawei offices in Nigeria.

PHONE REPAIRS: at Huawei offices, your phone can be repair easily without the fear of it getting damaged in the process. This is because, the repairers there are well trained, and are also experts in Huawei phone repairs. Thus, you can trust them with your phone.

BUY HUAWEI ACCESSORIES: this is another reason why you should know Huawei offices in Nigeria. Some times to get original brand accessories for your phone becomes very difficult. However, with Huawei offices you no longer have anything to be scared of. This is because you can get Huawei original phone accessories from their different offices located within the country. You can buy your Huawei phone charger, earpiece, headsets, and even phone battery.

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BUY HUAWEI PHONES: oh yes! You can buy your Huawei new smartphones from their offices within the Country.

Huawei offices in Nigeria are located in Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Oyo state.

List of Huawei Offices in Nigeria


Huawei Customer Service Center
• 4, Kodesoh Street, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone Number: 0800-000-2000
The office is open everyday except on Sundays.

Cellular Service Logistics 2
• Km 16 Ikorodu Road, former Phillips building, Ojota, Lagos.
Phone Number: 08141374531
The office is open everyday except Weekends.

Best Service RAYA Distribution
• 22B, Akinola Cole Crescent, Off Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja
Phone Number: 0700-72922273
The office is open everyday except weekends.


Best Service RAYA Distribution
• Suite A11, Saham Plaza, Alexander Crescent Wuse 11, Abuja.
Phone Numbers: 09037775822, 08140939240
The office is open everyday except on Sundays

Cellular Service Logistics 2
• No 3 Queen Idia Street, Opposite A. A. Rano filling Station, Asokoro District, Abuja.
Phone Number: 08141374531


Best Service RAYA Distribution
• Bradam Global Link LTD, No. 34 Beruit Road KANO.
Phone Numbers: 09037775822, 08140939240
The office is open everyday except on Sundays.


Cellular Service Logistics 2
• Suit 6,2nd Floor, God’s Delight Plaza, Fajuyi Road, Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo State.
Phone Number: 08141374531
The office is open everyday except on Weekends.

You can contact or visit any of the centers above to get your Huawei phone fixed. For now, these are the Huawei offices in Nigeria.





109 responses to “Huawei Offices in Nigeria: Where to Repair Your Huawei Phones”

  1. Khalifa Avatar

    I misplaced my Huawei y9 prime Sim slot
    Can I get new one to replace it

  2. Ife Avatar

    do you have Honor V9 screen in lagos? how and which is best loaction

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Hello Ife,

      Please visit the Huawei office for Update regarding this query

      1. Saheed Avatar

        I want to repair the Screen of my Huawei Y9 prime. I need to know the cost.

  3. Shitabey Avatar

    Admin Please what’s the current price for y 7prime2019 ( 4gb and 64gb ) argently needed admin .

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Hello Shitebey

      It’s currently about N62,000 Naira in slot stores

  4. My name is Tolade olaniyi sunday Avatar
    My name is Tolade olaniyi sunday

    My Huawei y9s can’t rotate anymore despact the fact that I set it to automatically rotate. Also the sensor is not working again. It has removed from biometric security. Fingers are not longer working with it anymore

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Visit a repair center for practical solutions

  5. Funmi Avatar

    Do you have Huawei office in ibadan oyo state where I can repair my phone

    1. Kosiso Avatar

      Is there any huawei office in onitsha

  6. Obi Avatar

    Is there huawei office in Delta state where i can repair my phone ? If yes, where?

  7. Sakina Nabage Avatar
    Sakina Nabage

    Is there huawei office in plateau state where I can rapair my huawei Y9? If not where am I to take

    1. Amos Avatar

      Plz can I change my Huawei cemera is broken with the glass, and it doesn’t support Google

  8. Jaypee Avatar

    How can i get a replacement battery for Huawei p10 am based in Owerri

  9. Olajumoke Avatar

    How much does it cost to repair huawei Y6 screen? Would be waiting for your feedback thank you

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Hello Ola,

      It depends in your place of repair. Might cost between 4-7 thousand naira

      1. Ujiro Avatar

        Good evening please my phone screen is bad where can i replace it and how much? And also my camera is no longer popping out that’s for Y9 i base in benin

  10. sadiq lzeh Avatar

    Leave a comment…pls were can i repir my huawei phone am from jos

  11. Oluwadunsin Avatar

    Hi, can I swap phone at your office in Ibadan. How much would it cost to repair a Huawei y5 screen

  12. Stella Uju Avatar
    Stella Uju

    Pls how is the cost for replacing huawei y9s LED screen

    1. Marvel Avatar

      You have to visit a repair shop for current price. But it should be between 5,000-10,000 Naira

  13. Bolaji Avatar

    How much do I get a new Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 screen fixed?

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Hello Bolaji

      The screen will cost you between 8-15k

  14. Richard Avatar

    I need phone contact of HUAWEI center in Ibadan.
    I want to change the screen of my phone. PRA – LX1

  15. Oluwatosin Avatar

    Where can i repair Huawei mate 10 lite screen in ibadan and how much can It cost me

  16. Iguana Daniel Avatar
    Iguana Daniel

    Please how much is huawei y9 screen

  17. Hades Avatar

    I need to repair my screen and sensor the glass back of my nova 3i and my battery i want to know how much it will cost me

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Hello Hades

      The screen and sensor will cost you between 15-20k. And the battery should cost you between 5-8k.

      These are just estimates it might cost you higher or lower depending on engineer and place if repair.

  18. Tom Kwaghmande Avatar
    Tom Kwaghmande

    How much isY7 Prime 2019 screen?

  19. Babalola Oluwaseun Temitiope Avatar
    Babalola Oluwaseun Temitiope

    How much does it cost to replace my huawei y9s screen

  20. Cynthia Avatar

    Can I repair my Huawei on slot

  21. Olabisi Olawale Avatar
    Olabisi Olawale

    I bought Huawei mate pro 30 from united Arab emirates , still in d seal. I want to sell it back. Contact number 07036362323

  22. Samuel Avatar

    Do you have office in Enugu state?
    If yes, where is the location

  23. Elcomico Ayomide Avatar
    Elcomico Ayomide

    How much does it cost to fix a Huawei Nova 3i screen and where in ibadan can I have it fixed

    1. Badeeyyah Avatar

      Please how much does it’s cost to fix my huawie P10lite both the screen and the back glass

  24. Emiola segun Avatar
    Emiola segun

    Pls how much I repair mate 7 toch screen

  25. Ololade Avatar

    How much does it cost to repair my huawei p20 lite screen

  26. Vicky Avatar

    Please my screen is blank, is it possible for me to swap it? I live in jos

  27. Omotayo abibat omotola Avatar
    Omotayo abibat omotola

    Pls I want to swap my y9 prime to collect y9a how much will cost me.. I will ne waiting for u reply

  28. Olabisi olawale Avatar
    Olabisi olawale

    I have huawei mate pro 30 5G brand new. I bought from United Arab Emirates. I want to sell it.

  29. Jubril oluwakanyinsola Avatar
    Jubril oluwakanyinsola

    How can I track my huawei Y6 prime.I just bought it recently and it has been stolen.

  30. Jeniffer chioma Avatar
    Jeniffer chioma

    Good afternoon,
    Please I bought a Huawei y6p and the vendor didn’t tell me I was going to loose my what’sapp and contact and now I want to change she’s telling me am going to wait and she will sell it lower that the price I bought it.

    Please I need to change this phone and get the one with playstore. Because this is really unfair to me.

  31. Obinna Avatar

    Good morning Admin,
    Pls how much is complete screen for Y9 Prime 2019.

  32. Debola Avatar

    How much will you charge me for my front camera and my p20 lite complete screen and the back glass thanks

  33. Gloria Avatar

    Please where can I repair my Huawei Y9prim am from Lagos. My pop-up camera and touch screen is broken

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Hello Gloria,
      Please visit the address below for the repair

      4 Kodesoh St, Computer Village, Ikeja

      You can also call 0803 360 1993.

      Note that their working hours is between 9am-5:30pm Monday to Friday. Saturday is 10am-3pm while they don’t open on Sundays

  34. Precious Avatar

    Please how much to repair my Huawei P smart 2019 screen

  35. Obanor Avatar

    How can I replace my hauwei y6p touch screen. And how much?

  36. JOHN Avatar

    Please how much is Huawei Y9 prime complete screen …

  37. Abdul Gafar Avatar
    Abdul Gafar

    Where can I repair Huawei Y9 2019 broken screen in kwara state?

  38. Kenechukwu Avatar

    Is there any Huawei service center in Onitsha/Nnewi??????

  39. Adekunle Avatar

    I want to buy Huawei mate 7 screen

  40. olushola Avatar

    i want to repair Huawei Y9 prime 2019 screen,what is the cost

  41. Stanley Avatar

    Where can I fix my phone huawei , I

  42. Nwannah Peter. Avatar
    Nwannah Peter.

    Good day. Please admin, do you have an office in Aba, Abia State and my Huawei Y 5 lite is no longer charging? Where can I repair in Aba? Or better still where can I repair it?

  43. Shonubi bukola Avatar

    Pls admin,how much can i repair my Huawei y9s the touch screen is blank and the back glass is broken,pls I need reply

  44. Precious Avatar

    Pls how much can I repair my Huawei y7 prime screen? Is there any office in Enugu?

  45. Tendency Avatar

    Please my Huawei y9 prime, front camera is no longer working, each time I put the camera on the front will be dark and it won’t show anything. Am Onitsha.

  46. Gabriel Avatar

    my Huawei p8 GRA-L09 tells me the phone is no longer compactible with google services. play store is no longer functioning. Please what can I do to fix this? also does huawei have office in Benin-City?

  47. Benard Gabriel Avatar
    Benard Gabriel

    Please how much will it cost to fix a new screen for my Huawei y8p?

  48. RAJI surajudeen Avatar
    RAJI surajudeen

    My Huawel: media pad x17.0 (model 7D-501u Rated:5v=2A max , have screen problem, and how much i will going to spend to repair it, change of screen.

  49. olushola Avatar

    How much can I get Huawei Y9 prime complete screen changed.

  50. Eminent Avatar

    We’re can I locate Hauwei office in South East

  51. Gbotemi Avatar

    Please Where can I repair my huawei y6p touch pad in ibadan

  52. Sly Avatar

    Pls i want to fix my honor 10 battery want to kniw where i can fix it in abuja and how much is it going to cost pls

  53. Emmanuel uzor Avatar
    Emmanuel uzor

    How much to repair Huawei 9s screen

  54. Anthemson Avatar

    Good evening Huawei support Team,
    My Huawei Y6P doest didn’t come with play store and it’s a kind of frustrating as some Apps are not Huawei Appgallery.

    Kindly assist.

  55. Orkuma Avatar

    How can I get play store on my Huawei Y6P as some are not found on Huawei Appgallery?

  56. Oluwafemi Avatar

    How can I change my Huawei cause it doesn’t support play store.

  57. Babs Avatar

    Hello my Huawei Tag-l13 screen is acting funny it displays and goes blank intermittently. Please how much could fix it.(even if it’s screen)

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Hello Babs

      Please you have to visit the nearest Huawei office for assessment and correct repair analysis. Thank you

  58. Mary Avatar

    Pls how much for a Huawei Kob2-l09 , screen replacement? Pls it’s very urgent. Thank you so much

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Hello Mary

      this seems to be a Huawei Tab and it should cost between 15,000 Naira to 20,000 naira to buy and replace the screen

  59. Abdulateef Avatar

    Pls i need to repair my Huawei honor 9

  60. Noah Avatar

    Do you also repair Huawei Table-Phone ? I got a Table phone via Jumia and after about three month, i have been having unnecessary issues on it…it wouldn’t work again even after changing the batteries four times…i don’t know what drains the batteries to flat.
    Hope u can help me ?

  61. Sulaiman ayodele Avatar
    Sulaiman ayodele

    How much is HUAWEI nova 2i touch Pad

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Hello Sulaiman

      Its between 10-15k

      1. Sulaiman ayodele Avatar
        Sulaiman ayodele

        Can you help me to find out the exactly original amount so I can know what you send here is assumption thanks

        1. Firstayo Avatar

          NO, the price will be based on our device, the condition etc. So you have to visit there for evaluation first

  62. Ade Avatar

    Hello admin…I want repair a huawei p8 DAV 7O1… it has a bad screen… it’s a rare 2015 product by huawei…i checked the importation price of the screen… it’s about 16 to 17k…how much will it cost to repair in ikeja?….and also if the part is not available, will the shop import it for me?…….I really want to repair any reasonable cost.

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Hello Ade
      you have to visit the store to find out

      1. Jacob Ogwuche Avatar
        Jacob Ogwuche

        Hi Admin,
        My Huawei Y9a phone droped in the water and the screen went black. However, the phone rings when calling but since the screen is blank, I can not pick call.
        What should I do?

  63. Ifeanyi obanye Avatar
    Ifeanyi obanye

    How much will it cost me to have a change of screen for p40 lite

  64. David Avatar

    Please where can I fix my broken Y9 2019 screen in Lagos, and how much will it cost me to have a replacement?

  65. Mary Avatar

    Can I fix my honor9 screen in Lagos and how much will it cost me

  66. Bari-iye Avatar

    Pls I want to Change my Huawei y9 prime 2019 screen. It’s broken I’m in Port Harcourt where is ur office or a contact number. I want original screen

  67. Ayomide Avatar

    Hi please I will like to Change my Huawei Y7a screen and I will like to know how much it cost please.

  68. Nelson O Avatar
    Nelson O

    Good day

    I will like to get a contact for the service center at 4 kodesho off under bridge ikeja, Essences house?

    This 018883202 isn’t clear at all

    I have visited the office over 3 times last year for a replacement screen for huawei y9 prime 2019 but I kept on getting “unavailable, check back next week”

    I need the number to verify the availability before going there.

    Thank you


  69. Benneth obi Avatar
    Benneth obi

    Please where can I repair my huawei y8p screen am from imo state

  70. Egemba Kenneth Avatar
    Egemba Kenneth

    Where can I repair my honour 9 lite in owerri

  71. Daniel Avatar

    Can I get Huawei P30 lite phone case in abakaliki

  72. Sam Avatar

    Where can I get my Huawei y9a screen fixed in Ibadan and how much will it cost?

  73. oluseyi Avatar

    Where can I get my Huawei y9a screen fixed in Ibadan and how much will it cost?

  74. Akedex funmcy Avatar
    Akedex funmcy

    Pls where is Huawei office in Ogba Lagos and how much is y8p glass screen?

  75. Atunwa Damilola Avatar
    Atunwa Damilola

    How much is huawei y7a panel

  76. Adesiyan sofiat Avatar
    Adesiyan sofiat

    How much is the repair of touch and screen Huawei Y8 2018

  77. Olasunkanmi Avatar

    I want to repair my Huawei p20 in apapa lcd screen with fingerprint sensor how much is it

  78. Fatima Avatar

    Good afternoon please I want to repair my huawei T1-A21w screen, how much will it cost me

  79. Pastor John Avatar
    Pastor John

    Hello,can I get the casing for Huawei Y9, I lost my power button, please?

  80. Loveth itohan Avatar
    Loveth itohan

    My huawei y9 prime… Is popping out without displaying any image… I can’t take pictures with my front camera

  81. Idonije Elizabeth Avatar

    please how do I get Huawei y9 2019 flex

  82. Ojasanwo olamilekan Avatar
    Ojasanwo olamilekan

    I want to repair my Huawei phone and I went to one of ur branch at ojota,they made realized that you are no more there.

  83. Otto Avatar

    How much will it cost me to
    (i) replace both the battery and the screen of my Y6 2019 prime and
    (ii) repair the earpiece?

  84. Afolabi Oluwaseun Avatar
    Afolabi Oluwaseun

    How much does it cost to repair the screen of Huawei mate40 pro

  85. Kenny Avatar

    Pls, how much does it cost to repair the screen of my Huawei nova 7i in ibadan?

    1. Firstayo Avatar

      Hello good day

      The cost of repairing the Huawei Nova 7i should be around 18-25k.

  86. Fidel Ugwu Avatar
    Fidel Ugwu

    Dear customer service center team,
    I Am sending this your way to seek for help. The selfie camera of my Y9 Prime is not working any more. It pops up but doesn’t show anything and keeps popping up and down.
    Please, how do I get it resolved?

    Thanks so much.

  87. Chinelo Nwabueze Avatar
    Chinelo Nwabueze

    I am in Enugu and I want to repair my huawei p10lite screen and back glass. Please how much will it cost me and where do I locate the shop that will fix it. Thanks

  88. Ogbenyanu Avatar

    Enugu Eastern region needs an Huawei office. Lagos and Kano are too far. Do something about it.

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