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Huawei patents the first Huawei phone to use under-display camera tech

The various US ban on Huawei has placed lots of restrictions on the Chinese phone maker but has not stopped the company from trying new things. Although the growth of Huawei in the global market has shrunk since the US bans, the company is still pushing forward on some fronts.

A new patent filed by Huawei has shown that the company might be working on a phone that we can only assume uses an under-display camera technology. The recent Huawei patent shows a Huawei phone that has a display without holes, punch, cut-out notch, or notch on the display.

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The patent of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. shows that it is a screen for a “holeless” smartphone display. There is no hole at the front, the screen is slightly curved on both sides, and the volume button and red power button are located on the right side of the phone.

Huawei phone to use under-display camera tech

A brief description of the patent shows that the phone was designed mainly to provide network communication, voice calls, transaction processing, etc. The patent pictures clearly show that there is no punch-hole or cut-out notch on the screen of the phone.

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Huawei phone to use under-display camera tech

There is also no pop-up camera on the top of the phone. This leaves two possibilities, either the phone uses no selfie camera or the phone uses an under-display camera technology (the second possibility is more reasonable).

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Huawei phone to use under-display camera tech

At the rear, the patent pictures reveal an oval-shaped camera module that is placed vertically at the side. There are so many things we’re yet to know about this phone other than since possibility of the under-display camera tech inside.

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Not all patent products actually make it to the real world but if this would eventually make it to the market, we’ll have more information with time.

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