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Top 10 Most Valuable Brands of 2022

The ranking for the most valuable brands of 2022 has been done by Brand Directory. And from their research, the value of these companies has grown in 2022. Brands/Companies from the United States dominated the list.

Brands from the United States takes up 7 slot of the 10 slot available at the top. This means that companies from the US are doing very well in 2022. Note that this valuation is carried out by Brand Directory and not reflective of the brand’s market cap.

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Below are the top 10 most valuable brands of 2022, their country, and how much the company is worth:

10 Most Valuable Brands of 2022

1AppleUnited States$355,080M
2AmazonUnited States$350,273M
3GoogleUnited States$263,425M
4MicrosoftUnited States$184,245M
5WalmartUnited States$111,918M
6Samsung GroupSouth Korea$107,284M
7FacebookUnited States$101,201M
10VerizonUnited States$69,639M

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Apple still remains the most valuable brand of 2022. This is a position the company held also in 2021. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft also held on to their spot from 2021. Samsung Group slipped down one position to number 6 while Walmart climbed up one position to take the number 5 spot.

Facebook and ICBC retain their spots (7 and 8 respectively) while Huawei climbed one spot to number with Verizon dropping to number 10.

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These are the richest brands in world in the start of 2022. And it seems the pandemic really did not stopped these companies from providing the needed services for consumers.

Which brand do you think climb up or go down the list or by the end of the year? Use the comment section below.





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