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Intel Arc 3 Specifications: Enhanced Gaming

Intel Arc 3 Specifications: Intel Arc 3 GPU was launched alongside Intel’s Arc 5 and Arc 7 GPUs. The Arc 3 is the lower-end version of all the GPUs launched by Intel on March 30, 2022. Intel’s goal is to power gaming laptops that will directly compete against Nvidia’s and AMD laptops.

The Intel Arc 3 has two models: Arc A350M and Arc A370M. Both come with 6 and 8 Xe-cores respectively. The Arc A350M sports a GPU clock speed of 1150MHz, while the A370M increases that to 1550MHz. Additionally, these two entry-level GPUs have 4GB of GDDR6 VRAM on board with a 64-bit memory bus.

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Intel Arc 3 Specifications

Intel Arc A350M Specs

• Xe Cores: 6
• Execution Units: 96
• FP32 Cores: 768
• GPU Clock: 1150 MHz
• GPU: DG2-128 (ACM-G11)
• Memory Size: 4GB
• Memory Bus: 64 Bit
• TGP: 25W – 35W

Intel Arc A370M Specs

• Xe Cores: 8
• Execution Units: 128
• FP32 Cores: 1024
• GPU Clock: 1550 MHz
• GPU: DG2-128 (ACM-G11)
• Memory Size: 4GB
• Memory Bus: 64 Bit
• TGP: 35W – 50W

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Intel Arc 3 Specifications

At the launch event, only the Intel Arc 3 specifications were broadly revealed. However, the first set of laptops to be powered by the Arc 3 GPUs are expected to start selling from April 1, 2022. For now, we’ve only known of the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro and Acer Swift X laptop. You can look forward to more before the end of the year.






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