Intel Arc A580 Specs: The Intel Arc 5 lineup is limited to just one variant- Arc A580. And Intel has officially unveiled the specifications of all its high-end desktop graphics cards. The company also confirmed that the Intel Arc A580 will make use of the top ACM-G10 “Alchemist” GPU die. Below are the full specs.

The Intel Arc A580 features ACM-G10 GPU with 24 Xe-Cores, 24 Ray tracing units, and a 256-bit bus interface. It will come equipped with 8GB of GDDR6 memory and a targeted TDP of 175W. The clock speed for the card is rated at 1.7 GHz for the GPU and 16 Gbps for the GDDR6 memory, delivering up to 512 GB/s of bandwidth.

Intel Arc A580 Specs
Intel Arc A580 Specs

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Intel Arc A580 Specs

Xe Cores24
Ray Tracing Units24
Graphics Clock1.7 MHz
Memory8GB GDDR6
Memory Bandwidth512 Gbps

The Intel Arc A580 will be cheaper than the flagship Arc A7 series (A770 and A750) graphics card. Intel expects the Arc A580 GPU to rival Nvidia RTX 3050 Graphics Card. Our comparison post will be coming up soon.

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