Are you looking for Xiaomi offices in Nigeria? Their locations, phone contacts and days of work? Where you can fix your Xiaomi Redmi phones in Nigeria? If so, you are reading the right post to get all the information you require.

Here are some reasons why you may want to know Xiaomi offices in Nigeria.

Note: Raya has partnered with Xiaomi to fix Xiaomi/Redmi phones across the country.

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PHONE REPAIRS: At Xiaomi offices, your phone can be fixed easily without the fear of it getting damaged in the process. This is because, the repairers there are all well trained. Thus, you can trust them with your smartphones.

• BUY Xiaomi/Redmi ACCESSORIES: this is another reason why you should know Xiaomi offices in Nigeria. Some times to get original brand accessories for your smartphone becomes very difficult. However, with you knowing Xiaomi/Redmi offices you no longer have anything to be scared of. This is because you can get the original phone accessories from their different offices located within the country. You can buy your Xiaomi/Redmi phone chargers, earpiece, headsets, and even phone battery.

• BUY Xiaomi/Redmi PHONES: And yes! You can buy your Xiaomi/Redmi new smartphones from their offices within the Country.

Xiaomi offices in Nigeria are located in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Delta, Benin, Rivers, Oyo state etc.

List of Xiaomi Offices in Nigeria/ Raya offices in Nigeria

• 18, Kodesho street opposite computer village gate, Ikeja, Lagos
• 16, Saka Tinubu Steet, Victoria Island, Lagos
• Water Front Complex, Plot 8 Block 12E, Admiralty Way, Lekki, Phase 1

• Raya (Omegatron), Airport rd, Benin city

• Discovery Mall, Str. Adetokunbo Ademola, Wuse 2 Abuja
• Alexandria Cresent, Behind Banex Plaza Abuja

• Shop H29, Block, Robinson plaza, Warri

• 30 Str. Okporo Road, off Aba road, Near Artilary st., Port Harcourt, River State

• 18D, Civic center road, Kano

• L30/31, Mangal Plaza, Leventis area, Kaduna

• 199, Ibrahim Taiwo road, Promo plaza, Ilorin

• Golden Age Plaza (YAMAHA Plaza), Plot 125, Magazine Rad, Jericho, Ibadan

You can contact or visit any of the repair centers above to get your Xiaomi or Redmi phones fixed. For now, these are the Xiaomi offices in Nigeria.


  1. Am told my xaomi Redmi note 9T under warranty cannot be fixed. I was requested to return all accessories for a refund which has been done for nearly two weeks. My patience in waiting is thinning out as this conduct is most unacceptable for any brand.

      1. Please My redmi note 10 pro max is not coming up when I try to put it on. It will load as if it will boot but eventually won’t. Can you help me with that?

        1. Hello Felix

          This might be related to software issue. If you know how to, hold down the power button and volume button up or down to boot into default mode. Use the volume button to select and factory reset the device.

          If you don’t know how, I’ll advise you take it to a professional phone repair centre for assistance.

          1. I’m faced with similar issue as Olamide Felix. I’ve also tried the process you mentioned but it didn’t work. I took the phone to service center at Computer village, Ikeja and I was told the panel is bad and need to be replaced but my phone is not meant for this region hence the available panel is not compatible with my phone. The lady meet at the service center said I’d need to import the panel or better still, get another phone. meanwhile, I bought this phone in Lagos. My phone brand is Redmi 9

          2. same thing happen to my Xiomi 10pro some months ago. until I had to format the phone through that same process you mentioned and it worked. but currently my phone front camera stopped working all of a sudden and 1month after it went office without coming up again. I went to their service centre i was told it’s under renovation the security had to call a guy who claims to be an official, took me into the computer village and bill me 50k for board,5k for front camera 10k for workmanship. I had to leave there. I was shocked because my phone is not even up to 2yrs.

          3. please does the redmi note 12 warranty cover the screen? I need a contact of your office in Kaduna. I want to fix my screen.
            thank you

  2. Please I need to know if my Redmi 10c can record call conversation without alerting that the conversation is on record, and how to silence it too. Thank you for assisting me.

    1. Dear all,

      Kindly assist as my Redmi 9c have small crack on the screen and since then the phone have been hanging.
      Please assist on the way forward.

        1. please my phone no the ever change full am thinking of buy new charger ,hw can I get from there office

  3. please i need the phone number of the Jericho, Ibadan representative
    I’m going there tomorrow to fix my Redmi 10
    it has charging port issues

    1. I got to Jericho just now and I was told they’ve packed out of the place
      Can u please share the contact so that I can get through or give the address of their present office in Ibadan
      It was so painful because I had to travel down from Abeokuta to meet nothing there.

      1. Really? I am about to be going there now my redmi phone battery need to be change… Please how did you now sort it before I leave where I am now? Thanks

    1. Dear admin,
      Kindly, let’s know the new location of Ibadan Xiaomi/redmi repair office or their contact phone number

    1. I bought a Redmi A1+ three weeks ago. Despite having data bundle on my sim, Opera Mini and Twitter do not open.

  4. My Redmi phone developed a minor fault but was completely destroyed by carlare center in ibadan due to their incompetence.they could not even say the problem with the phone,they started from it’s the charging port to it’s the battery to it’s the panel.the was just 3months past warranty and became useless so I may never advice anyone to use Redmi phone again

    1. Good afternoon

      My Redmi 10 2022 can’t charge up to 100%. Initially the battery percentage stops 81% and now can’t exceed 77% while charging. I bought the phone last year December which i believe it still under warranty. kindly share the contact address i can visit here in Ibadan.

  5. My redmi note 10 pro wont turn on, tried to charged it but nothing seems to be working. what should i do?

  6. My redmi 10 screen got broke yesterday I need to know the cost of fixing here in ikeja Lagos and the time frame!!!

  7. Please is the office on Ilorin Still working because I went there and is no longer there ,where is the new office located

  8. My Xiaomi Poco M4 pro since 3months I bought it from jumia is over heating and the battery drain faster than 5000mah battery written there and it hangs sometimes when I open some apps or when it wants to change from dark mode to light mode

    Am in Ilorin
    Any help your customer care can helpe on that please

  9. Pls my redmi was stolen.I later found it but I couldn’t used again.the phone is asking me to enter the password I used fiat on it.I couldn’t remember again.Help me out .I leaves in Ilorin and work in Osogbo.
    Kindly to office that can help resolve it

  10. please am in aba and I need redmi 9t power and fingerprint sensor. how do I get it cuz can’t find it here in aba

  11. please does anyone know how much it cost to fix the back camera glass of Redmi 10c my own just fell and broke. Thanks.

  12. Pls does anyone know how much it cost to fix the screen of the Redmi 10 my own just fell and the screen cracked. I stay in Owerri or Aba

  13. Hello, My Redmi not 10s Fell inside water, took it out within seconds and in about 30min the screen froze. took it for repair and was told I needed to get a new screen. already done that but the phone doesn’t feel alright, all my cameras look dull, phone overheats when making a video etc. Can the Redmi team help out here?

  14. Hello Pls I need a help
    My phone redmi note 8
    The grass justed fell down
    But the phone is still touching
    How can I get it repair

  15. Imagine! Many are already victims of my problem with Redmi…. And none of the questions is attended to…
    That’s too bad of Redmi phones. I regret I bought it.
    Where’s the nearest office to Ijebu ode, Ogun state, so that. I can repair my redmi 10C Screen… Pls answer on time

  16. My redmi 9a is no longer charging and the charging spot is not bad what might be the problem

  17. my Redmi 9A is not charging. l have visited almost the service centers in my locality and they said they don’t work on Redmi phones. please I am in Owerri Imo State, where do I go for the repairs

  18. So my redmi 9t refuse switching on. I have repaired it severally all to no avail. What can probably be the problem??

    I will definitely advice nobody to buy redmi again cos it’s useless

  19. •Please how much is it to repair my Redmi note 10 pro battery in Lagos?
    • Can I swap my Redmi note 10 pro to Redmi note 12 pro in Xiaomi office in Lagos and how much will I add to the phone

  20. Please how do I fix this, my Redmi Al+ camera just stopped working, I mean if you want to use it, it just remains blank, what could be the issue
    And how I can fix it, seeing their’s no redmi office in Enugu

  21. My redmi 10 2022 is always showing me
    Don’t cover the earphone area

    Even when I didn’t put screen qard

    How can I stop it??

    1. Hello Doyen

      It means there is no official Redmi repair center in Enugu. But you can visit slot as their repair engineer is a third party phone repairer for Xiaomi/Redmi.

    2. please where’s the new Redmi repair center in Ibadan.
      please the address will go along way

  22. Please my redmi phone is faulty and the panel is no longer functioning again where can I see the redmi customer care services

  23. pls my redmi 9t shutdown when battry is 0% since then no charging and it can’t on,is over 1 month now can it be fix. ELISHA FROM CALABAR

  24. For about 1 week now, the battery of my Phone (Xaiomi Mi 11 Ultra) has been draining so badly unlike before where my phone battery is very strong & last so long.

    most times whenever my battery gets to 40% it starts draining quickly & can get to 1% within few minutes & will switch off.

    When I switch my phone off to sleep at midnight & my phone is at maybe 71%, I will wake up the next day & it’s drained down to 25% … even when I’m not using my phone at a moment, maybe I left my phone idle at 60% to take a nap, I will wake up & battery has gone down to 22% which is very very bad…

    Please how can I solve this issue ?

    1. Hello Ezeh.., sorry about your phone condition. Send a direct message to Xiaomi Nigeria on Instagram. And explain to them the situation they will tell you steps to take or where to fix it nearest to you. Thanks

  25. Hello, please my Xiaomi mi Note 10 lite screen has gone bad.

    I need recommendation on where to fix it in Ibadan and how much will it cost to get it fixed. Thanks

  26. Hello,my Redmi note 7 screen is broken, please what is the cost of replacing the screen . Do u have it in store presently Please kindly reply.


  27. hi,
    please where and how much can I get battery for my Redmi 9S in Ibadan. I’ll also appreciate if there is a contact I can call.

  28. im using redmi note 11, pls where can i fix the screen within Ibadan and is it possible to fix it in carlcare. or any redmi office.pls i need a response asap.

  29. My redmi 4x screen&touch pad can’t be found here in Akwaibom. I need a contact detail of the portharcot branch so i can get it fixed. I’ve got vital information on this device and would require immediate assistance.

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