A new Android 12 gaming feature that will allow users play games while the game is downloading will be rolled out soon. Google is set to announce this new gaming feature for its Android 12 update on Monday.

This feature will be particularly useful when downloading large games. It means, you don’t and won’t have to wait for the game to finish downloading before you can jump right into action.

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A GIF shared by Google illustrated how this feature will work. The GIF shows how faster jumping into playing games will be in Android 12. Google is also saying that its “seeing games being ready to open at least 2 times faster.”

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But the feature will only work with games that use the Play Asset Delivery System (PADS). According to Google, implementing the PADS will free developers from doing anything to turn the feature.

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This update was revealed at the Google for Games Developer Summit 2021, which runs from July 12th through the 13th. Other announcement from Google at the event include a new game dashboard for Android 12.

This new dashboard will give users easy access to utilities like screen capture and recording. Google says this dashboard will be available on “select devices” later this year.

This new gaming feature just adds to the already many new stuffs that Google is introducing to the Android 12.

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