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One of the most important part of my smartphone production has to be sales. Which means, you need a Now in Stores article to update you when phones are finally available for purchase in local stores. Sale is the link between the smartphone company, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. So, it’s very important for users to know when phone is available for purchase.

In this category, we’ll focus is on telling our readers when a phone is now available for purchase in their countries and how much these phones are sold for. We’ll also show where you can possibly buy these phones at a more affordable price. Stick around here and if you want to know when to start buying that your favorite phone.

Now in stores article will feature phones that is currently in pre-order stage, phones that can be bought online and phones that is available in local store near you. Note that, some of these phones might have change if names depending on your region. But, whatever name it is given, when it’s available for purchase we’ll also try to let you know.

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