The new OnePlus Open Fold is now available for preorder in the UK. If you preorder the OnePlus Open Fold now for just £99, you could save up to £430. Saving £430 on the new OnePlus Open might sound too good to be true but it is.

Buy OnePlus Open

OnePlus OpenPrice
Buy on OnePlus(UK)£1599.00
Buy on OnePlus(CA)CA$1,999.99

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The Early Bird Offer pre-order offer from OnePlus has knocked off £250 from the original price of the foldable phone and you’ll also get a free OnePlus Buds Pro 2 worth £179.

Preorder OnePlus Open in UK

To preorder the OnePlus Open Fold, visit the OnePlus UK official website (see details in the table above). You’ll need to pay a £99 deposit fee to reserve the foldable phone.

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Aside from the free Buds 2 Pro, OnePlus will also include a free charger in the box for you. Note that only the EU version of the OnePlus Open has a charger in the box but if you preorder the OnePlus Open in the UK, you’ll get a free charger from OnePlus.

The full price of the OnePlus Open Fold is £1599 but you can pre-order the device, get £250 off the price, and also get some other free stuff.

Note: The OnePlus Open Fold in the UK is also known as the OPPO Find N3 in China. The OPPO Find N3 Fold is now also available for purchase.

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