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Periscope iPhone: iPhone 15 Pro Max to feature a Periscope lens

Periscope iPhone: Kuo, a renowned Apple analyst has said the 2023 iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a periscope lens. Making it the first in any Apple smartphone. The analyst did point out though that only the iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature this style of camera. While the others in the lineup will stick to the traditional telephoto cam style.

However, things won’t remain like that for long. The Analyst did point out that by 2024 series of Periscope iPhone will become a thing. The likes of the iPhone 16 Pro would have joined the Pro Max in the adoption of the periscope lens. Because of the cost and inconvenience of adding a periscope lens to camera setup, most tech companies dedicate it strictly to their best and biggest phones.

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According to Kuo, the iPhone 15 Pro Max with a periscope lens will have magnification that doubles that of the iPhone 13 Pro models. Recall that the iPhone 13 Pro models have 3x magnification and now Kuo is predicting 6x for the 2023 iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Periscope iPhone

The iPhone 15 Pro series are still far away. There’s still more than enough time to confirm what will be and what will be not. But for now, attention is focused on the incoming iPhone 14 series.






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