Google has been gradually shoving its new Pixel 6 and Pixel Pro down our throat for some months now. A new 30-second ad video has surfaced showing off the Magic Eraser, Live Translate and some security features of the Pixel 6 Pro.

From the video shared by @_Snoopytech on Twitter, the ad tagged “Meet the Google Pixel 6” shows off a home screen of Material You widgets. From the home screen, you can see the “Numeral” and “Scallop” clock styles.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Magic Eraser, Live Translate and Security Hub

It also showed off a diagonal weather pill and what looks like a redesigned YouTube Music widget. Then “With Google Tensor” as the “first Google chip in a smartphone” is the very next highlight.

The “Magic Eraser” was used inside Google Photos to “Remove distraction” from a photo. A photo snapped by a group of friends and someone was easily erased from the background using this feature. We’ll have to wait to test this feature live when the phone debuts.

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The “Live Translate” feature works in conversations, Google Messages app and “in pictures,” which appears to just be Google Lens today. The big reveal is “No internet required.”

You can speak in a selected language, the Live Translate will translate to another language. Users can also scan through words written using the Google Lens and the Live Translate will translate the text to the preferred language of the user.

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And to cap it all, the “Security hub”. This helps to protect your phone, data, passwords, Google Account, digital life” by giving you one dashboard to manage everything.

According to these leaks, all the features listed above is available inside the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Google is yet to show us the difference between both phones. Instead, the Search engine giant is focus on bringing the features similar in both phones.

Watch Full 30-seconds video here

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