Samsung is one of the few tech companies that actually strives to be better every day. And it appears the company has added yet another feather to its cap. The Korean tech giant just broke and set a new 5G upload speed record in Texas.

The company announced today that it’s now the keeper of the fastest 5G upload speed record. According to the report, a collaboration between Samsung, Verizon, and Qualcomm saw a 5G demonstration in Plano, Texas where Samsung set a new data upload speed record of 711 Mbps.

Practically speaking, it will take you just 10 seconds to upload a 1GB video file with an upload speed of 711 Mbps. With this type of upload speed, you can record and upload high-definition video to social media or the cloud in real-time.

Enterprises will need these type of 5G technologies that can upload and transfer files at such speed. A fast 5G tech of this nature will help in lots of areas such as; production, self-driving cars, medical operations etc.

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How was Samsung able to achieve 711 Mbps upload on 5G?

The 5G demonstration was carried out using Samsung’s own 5G and 4G base stations and the Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 5G modem.

To achieve such high transfer speed, Samsung made use of carrier aggregation technology by combining two or more frequency bands in Samsung’s 5G Compact Macro solution. The same 5G mmWave Compact Macro station was used by the company to speed up transfer rates in Seoul’s Metro network during a demonstration held in September.

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According to the VP of Samsung Electronics’ Network Business Development Team, the company is “one step closer to realizing a differentiated 5G service and an immersive user experience” thanks to this demonstration.

Now that Samsung has raised the upload speed up a notch, which other company do you think can compete? Do you think that upload speed can go even higher than 711 Mbps? Use the comment section below.

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