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Samsung 50W Charger Price and Availability

Samsung 50W charger price in Europe costs €69.90. The pricing is ridiculously high but I guess that shouldn’t be a problem for some Samsung customers. Else left for me, that’s an outrageous cost for a 50W charging adapter.

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The Samsung 50W charging adapter has 2 USB-C ports. You can either choose to use one port at 50W or both at the same time at 25W each. While it is not the fastest in the industry, it’s enough for Samsung phones since none of Sammy’s phones goes past 45W wired charging support, and most of which top out at 25W.

For example, the flagship Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a max charging support of 45W. And popular Samsung Galaxy A series is topped up at 25W charging speed max.

Samsung 50W charger price

Another reason why Samsung consumers will buy it is because the tech company doesn’t ship chargers alongside their high-end smartphones. So, you will surely need the charger for one reason or the other.

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Samsung 50W Charger Price

Samsung 50W charger price in Europe costs €69.90. It will be available for purchase through, Amazon, and other online retailers soon.







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