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Steam Deck OLED vs Steam Deck LCD: Which is Better?

The Steam Deck OLED vs Steam Deck LCD have many similarities but a major difference is the panel quality. As the name suggests for the newer version, the OLED model has a brighter screen with deep rich colors. Aside from that, here are some key differences to take note of.

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First, both gaming consoles have 1280×800 resolution. However, the Steam Deck OLED has a larger display of 7.4-inch (Steam Deck LCD had 7-inch). More so, this new OLED model brings HDR support with 1,000 nits of peak brightness which is 2x more than the original Steam Deck with LCD panel.

Secondly, the new Steam Deck OLED has better battery life. When fully charged we’re looking at 3-12 hours of game time. Unlike the Steam Deck LCD with 2-8 hours battery life.

What They Have in Common

Storage configuration is the same. The RDNA2 6nm APU chip is paired with 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM + 512GB or 1TB storage model.

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Conclusion: Steam Deck OLED vs Steam Deck LCD

The Steam Deck OLED is better than the Steam Deck LCD. The new OLED model has a brighter screen, is lightweight, has a durable battery life, and is slightly larger in terms of screen size.






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