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Thunderbolt 5 Specs: Intel Bumped it up to 120 Gbps of bandwidth

Thunderbolt 5 Specs: The new Thunderbolt 5 USB-C has been unveiled by Intel. It takes bandwidth from 40 Gbps up to 120 Gbps. The Thunderbolt 5 can deliver as much as 240W of power via a single USB-C cable.

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According to Intel, the Thunderbolt 5 is the best solution for gamers and content creators. By default the Thunderbolt 5 will provide 80 Gbps- but when more bandwidth is needed, it can send up to 40 Gbps down three of its four lanes – transmitting 120 Gbps and receiving 40 Gbps.

Thunderbolt 5 can support three 4K 144Hz screens running at the same time, multiple 8K displays, or a single screen at up to 540Hz. It can offer up to 240W fast charging. Thus making it possible for gaming laptops to ditch the proprietary chargers and just use USB-C.

Thunderbolt 5 Specs

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Intel 14th gen won’t have Thunderbolt 5 but a discrete chip “Barlow Ridge” will be required if at all. Intel says the first machines with Thunderbolt 5 are coming in 2024.



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