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7 Best MagicOS 8 Features for your 2024 Honor Smartphones

7 Best MagicOS 8 features: Honor has announced the MagicOS 8 based on Android 14 software for 2024 smartphones. The MagicOS version 8 software has intent-based UI and platform-level AI. Below are the top features.

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7 Best MagicOS 8 Features

1. Magic Model

Honor has introduced its on-device LLM called Magic Model. It is trained with a 7 billion parameter that supports functions like smart filming, one-word map search, and one-drag schedule, all of which run locally on the device side. Your Honor smartphone gets smarter this year.

2. Magic Capsule

The Magic Capsule is similar to what Apple did with “Dynamic Island”. Honor has built a software style around the dot-in-cutout and they called it “Magic Capsule”. This allows for key notifications such as timer, hotspot status, order status, and more to be displayed at a glance around the selfie camera.

3. MagicRing

The Honor MagicRing is a multi-screen collaboration feature that supports up to 8 services simultaneously, including network sharing, screen sharing, keyboard and mouse sharing, camera sharing, window sharing, file sharing, call sharing, and notification sharing across Honor devices like PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

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4. Lock Screen Styles

Honor MagicOS 8 brings new Lock Screen styles. And the impressive thing is that they are all customizable. This means you can set the Magic Lock Screen to your preferences.

5. Versatile Desktop

The Versatile Desktop feature permits you to pin an app’s sub-services on the home screen for easier interaction.

6. Honor Portal

The Honor Portal is an AI-powered function that supports HONOR’s AI model to offer context-based app and service shortcut recommendations. All you have to do is press and hold text, pictures, or files and drag them to the screen edges. It simply works for navigation, search, shopping, password, printing, sharing, and global collection.

7. Performance Upgrades

The MagicOS 8 software is 30% faster in performance than the MagicOS 7.2 Software. According to Honor, the MagicOS 8 animation is smarter and smoother. It can intelligently keep frequently used applications always online.

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List of Honor Smartphones That will Update to MagicOS 8

January 2024
  • Honor Magic5 Ultimate Edition
  • Honor Magic5 Pro
  • Honor Magic5
  • Honor Magic4 Ultimate Edition
  • Honor Magic4 Pro
  • Honor Magic4
February 2024
  • Honor Magic V2 Ultimate Edition
  • Honor Magic V2
  • Honor Magic Vs
  • Honor Magic Vs2
  • Honor Magic
  • Magic V
  • V Purse
  • Honor Magic3 Ultimate Edition
  • Honor Magic3 Pro
  • Honor Magic3
  • Honor 100 Pro
  • Honor 100
  • Honor 90 GT 
March 2024
  • Honor 90 Pro
  • Honor 90
  • Honor 80 Pro
  • Honor 80 GT
  • Honor 80
April 2024
  • Honor 70 Pro +
  • Honor 70 Pro
  • Honor 70
  • Honor 60 Pro
  • Honor 60
  • Honor 50 Pro
  • Honor 50
May 2024
  • Honor X50 GT
  • Honor X50 Pro
  • Honor X50
  • Honor X40 GT
  • Honor X50i+
  • Honor X50i







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