Successful Affiliate Marketer: If you want to be successful in any of you endeavor, you need rules. Same is true when it come affiliate marketing. There are things you need to do in affiliate marketing that will help make you successful. Ignore these rules and you will have difficulty making sales.

So, in this article, we have put together 8 rules that you should follow on your part to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Then, we have also linked to materials that will help you make more sales.

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There is also a free webinar that will show you step by step guide on things you should do as an affiliate marketer. While these rules are simple and very easy to follow, they are all impirtant. Lets get started with the number one rule.

Follow These 8 Rules to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

1. Pick a great product

When picking affiliate offers or products, always ensure to pick a product that is great and actually solves people’s problems.

The customer comes back for more and readily purchases more if the product is great. This is how you can make more money even without new marketing.

Most offers on clickbank, shareasale and other affiliate networks have a 30-60 day money back guarantee, if the product you promote is ineffective, your potential customers will request for a refund and you in turn lose your profit.

If a product is one the customer subscribes to paying a particular fee monthly, they will cancel their subscription to the product when they realize the product is offering no benefits.

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E.g. if your customer is meant to be paying $50 per month for a product and your monthly commission is $25, the customers cancels their subscription you immediately lose out on making $25 per month.

Below are some screenshots of products that offer recurring payment to you as an affiliate on clickbank

2. Build an email list of your ideal customers

An email list consisting of people that have interest in your product is a huge asset in affiliate marketing. This because, these are people hungry and interested to solve a problem. You have a good chance of converting them to buyers.

Another good reason to have an email list is because you can promote multiple products to them. This way, the buyers can buy from you multiple times which means more sales for you with less investment in marketing. Never rule out building an email list as an affiliate marketer.

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We have the right affiliate marketing program that can help you build an email list of your ideal customers. It’s the Sleep Sales Technology and you can read more about the program HERE.

3. Offer free value to your potential customers

People are being bombarded by sales offers every day. All kinds of products are being presented to them daily with all sorts of promises, all asking them to buy a product.

Stand out from the crowd of other affiliate marketers by giving your potential customers FREE value. Show them you have genuine interest in them and they are not just another sale you are trying to make. This helps you build trust and this increases your chances of converting them to customers.

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If your affiliate product is a weight loss product, send your customers a list of low carb foods that can help them reduce weight gain. Send them the ideal morning routine for effective weight loss etc. you get the idea (smiley).

This works so well because human beings are creatures of reciprocation. If someone offers you something without asking, you feel the need to give something back to them. It’s simply human nature. You will be surprised by how much more sales you will get when you try this.

Do you feel this affiliate marketing model will work for you and you will like to give it a try? But you don’t know how to build an email list or send emails to interested customers who will be willing to buy your affiliate product. We recommend you try Sleep sales technology system.

How does sleep sales technology work?

Sleep sales technology is an affiliate system put together by experienced online marketer Devon Brown. It is a system of sending automated emails to your potential customers until they buy your affiliate product.

Whether it be FREE VALUE emails or emails promoting your affiliate products the email sequence is set up for you. After which series of 15 -20 emails are sent to your potential customers automatically.

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This means the emails are sent even in your absence. The program creates the emails for you, set up the sequence and emails are sent to your potential customers even while you are asleep until they become buyers.

Sleep sales technology simply does everything for you. If you have a plan in your head, Sleep sales technology puts it into action and reality.

This affiliate marketing program makes you stand out from 98% of affiliate marketers and puts you among the top 2%.

Click banner below to see real results from the SLEEP SALES TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM.

4. Target the ideal customer for your affiliate product.

Your ideal customer will buy your affiliate product with little to no resistance. While non-ideal customer will not buy no matter how cheap your affiliate product you offer is.

Always target your ideal customer as an affiliate marketer. You need to understand the ideal behavior of your ideal customer and make sure to offer a product that hits their pain point.

Example, a 54 year old woman with constant back pain will readily buy your product that totally solves back pain problem even if the product costs a lot of money. Make sure to hit their pain point by pointing out the exact problem your affiliate product solves.

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5. Pick affiliate products that use video presentation or webinars in their sales page.

Generally, people like to get information or explanation through videos or live presentation. Reason because it feels more natural and engaging. Always pick affiliate products that have videos in their sales page because they convert better than sales page with plain text.

Sales page on the left with a video presentation is more likely to convert better than sales page on the right with just plain text.

6. Pick a product people can start using with little to no commitment.

From free trials to $1 starting offer, offer products people can pay low amounts for at first. This removes the spending barrier and makes them more likely to buy. If the product is a good one, they will most likely subscribe to continuously paying monthly.

To find products with $1 trial on an affiliate platform like clickbank, go to market place and tick $1 trial, you will find a list of products.

7. Make your potential customer know that the product comes with a 30 -60 day money back guarantee.

Nobody wants to lose money, hereby when a customer is buying a product they are taking a risk. Help them alleviate the fear of losing their money by making them understand that they will get a refund within the 30 to 60 day money back guarantee window if the product isn’t what they want.

In your emails make sure to put it clearly, make them understand that there is a money back guarantee.

This way they are more likely to buy from you.

8. Pick affiliate offers that will pay you recurring fees as far as the customer keeps using the product.

Combination of great product + recurring monthly payment = Passive income in affiliate marketing.

When you promote a product that the customer keeps paying for month after month, you make more money because you keep earning commissions even after the customer’s first purchase.

You can earn commissions for months or years, much after you have done the work. The key to this is making sure product is a good product that solves a problem and makes life easier for the buyer.

How to find products that will offer you recurring payments on clickbank

  • Log into clickbank and click on market place
  • Choose from the different product categories
  • Tick the recurring icon in the category you have chosen

Here you will find different products that will pay you recurring payments for as long as the customer keeps paying for the product or service; this is the easiest way to earn passive income in clickbank.

Hope this article has been helpful and will inspire you to start your affiliate marketing journey, remember the best way to get ahead in anything is to get started.

If you want to get started with becoming a successful affiliate marketer, we have the perfect free online webinar to help you get started. Click the image below and register for a free webiner that will help you gte started.

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