Looking to start making money online, then you might have considered different systems and strategies such as drop shipping, e-commerce, digital marketing agency or possible affiliate marketing. But maybe, just maybe you have not tried Sleep Sales Technology. Well, you might have been missing out and this article we help you know more about SST.

Whichever system you choose, it’s ideal to choose a system which is simplified and easy, clear and straight forward. In this article, we will be explaining what affiliate marketing is and how you can earn passive income in affiliate marketing using this simple system.


Affiliate marketing is a system whereby you sell other people’s products using your unique affiliate link, hereby anytime someone purchases the product using your link, you earn a commission. Commissions in affiliate marketing can range from as low as 20% to as high as 80% per sale.

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Example: If a product costs $100 and you are supposed to earn 50% commission for each sale, you will $50 every time someone buys the product using your unique affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is easy to start because you don’t run the risk of buying products and not being able to sell. You don’t need to rent space as required in commerce, you also don’t always need a website. Hereby affiliate marketing is cheap and easy to start.

But many people still find it difficult to make money through affiliate marketing. This is simply because most people don’t create system/pathway/structure for their affiliate marketing business.

This is exactly why 98% of affiliate marketers never make any money while 2% of affiliate marketers make all the money the 98% is missing out on. We want you to be among those winning 2% and we are here to help you.

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Simply put, as an affiliate marketer, always have a structure in place for your business, a structure that helps optimize your conversion rate. While there a different system online that can help, few are ideal. It’s essential to pick a system that is effective, affordable and consistent.

And we have the perfect solution for you and that is SLEEP SALES TECHNOLOGY. An affiliate program that will help you make more sales.


Sleep sales technology is an affiliate system that helps you earn passive income from affiliate marketing; the system is set up in such a way that you can keep earning money through affiliate commissions even while asleep.


Before we go into details of what Sleep Sales Technology is, let’s find out who the creator is. The creator is Devon Brown, a savvy internet marketer who has had success for years. You can Click Here to check the company and members profile from their official site.

The SST system is majorly an automated system, you are given guidance on how to set up your automated mails so your potential customers can keep receiving sales emails even while you are asleep, this is why you can easily pocket commissions even while you are asleep.

In sleep sales technology, Devon Brown and his team will help you get started in affiliate marketing by firstly picking a profitable niche for you, sleep sales technology will help set you apart as a beginner and give you a head start.

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SST is of utmost importance because it solves two big problems most affiliate marketers always encounter.

  1. Driving the right traffic to your affiliate product
  2. Setting up a system that reminds your customers about your product
1. Driving the right traffic to your affiliate product

Traffic is of utmost importance in affiliate marketing. Getting the wrong traffic to your affiliate product is the easiest way to fail as an affiliate marketer. Your ideal customer will pay any amount to get a product they truly want even if they will need to break an arm or leg to.

Meanwhile a customer can have all the money in the world and decide not to buy your affiliate product because the product isn’t meant for him/her or its simply not what they want.

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A typical example is this, the ideal target market for a weight loss product will be women of child bearing age between 30 and 50 because childbirth can bring about sudden weight gain. If you target young men between the ages of 18 and 22, no matter how great your marketing is, you won’t make money.

Sleep Sales Technology (12-minute affiliate) helps solve the traffic problem for you by driving the right traffic to your affiliate product.

2. Setting up a system that reminds your customers about your product

Humans are naturally indecisive and skeptical especially when they are introduced to a product for the first time. Chances are 99% of your customers won’t buy your affiliate product the first time they see it.

This is why Sleep Sales Technology sets up a system whereby your potential customers are sent series of automated emails until they convert to buyers. The bible said keep knocking and the door will be open, keep asking and you’ll find.

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Take for example you promote your affiliate product to 1,000 people, 400 people visit your page, 150 of them submit their email, SST helps you send 50 to 80 highly converting automated emails (automated emails are emails sent to people even in the absence of the sender, automated emails are sent based on the time and date set by the sender (you)).

These properly crafted emails are sent (repeatedly) until customers turn to buyers.

Assuming the cost of your affiliate product is $100 and you earn 50% for each sale meaning you earn $50 each time you make a sale. Assume only 20 people buy convert to buyers.

$50 for each sale x 20 customers = $1,000

It’s that simple.


When you sign up for SST program, you first have to create an affiliate link, this takes about 2 to 3 minutes, you get your email auto responder and then you set up your email auto responder.

Next your sales funnel including your landing page and opt-in page is created for you. After your sales funnel is set up, SST helps pick ideal traffic for your affiliate product and drive traffic the right traffic to your affiliate page.

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Interested people opt into your sales funnel and provide their email, SST then sets up a series of automatic emails that will be sent to your potential customers over a period of 30 to 60 days, usually 5% to 15% of these potential customers turn to buyers because these emails are created by expert copy writers

It’s important for you know that you might not start to earn money instantly, but as time goes on your customers begin to convert to buyers. This might take 1 week, 2 weeks or more depending on the product you choose to promote.


To get started with SST, you will pay an initial fee of $9.95 for the 1st month and then $47/month from the 2nd month, in SST you can opt out anytime you want. This makes the system low risk, hereby you can test and see if the system works for you.

Benefits of Sleep Sales Technology

  1. Make money while you focus on other things
  2. It’s very affordable
  3. The system is very easy to set up
  4. Automated emails are sent for you
  5. High conversion for your affiliate products
  6. If you follow the guidance of DEVON BROWN and his team, you can start to earn passive income within a short period
  7. With the SST SYSTEM in place you avoid the mistakes been made by 98% of affiliate marketers


  1. SST is ideal for you if you want to get ahead in affiliate marketing fast because you are using a proven strategy that works.
  2. SST is ideal for you if you don’t want to make the mistakes most beginner affiliate marketers, you want to go straight for what works.
  3. If you want to make extra money while doing other job, then SST is ideal for you.
  4. For those who want to generate actual real traffic to their affiliate product.


You are just one click away from making consistent money from affiliate marketing. Use the SIGN UP for Free Sleep Sales Technology Account buttons above to sign up for a free account.

Sleep Sales Technology guides you till you start pocketing commissions in affiliate marketing. Considering that some affiliate programs pay as high as $200 per commission, SST is a great investment for beginner affiliate marketer. Devon Brown also hand picks the best affiliate programs on clickbank, some of which can earn you recurring income monthly.

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