Amazon Music price 2023: Starting from February 21, 2023, Amazon Music price will be $1 higher for users. For those in the US, instead of the current $9.99, US users will now pay $10.99.

The price hike affected UK users too. Amazon Music price in the UK this 2023 has added £1. From £9.99 to £10.99. This price change will take effect on February 21, 2023.

Amazon Music Price 2023

CountryOld PriceNew Price

More so, student plans got similar increments. Amazon Music plan for students will be adding $1/£1 starting on Feb, 21. That’s from $/£4.99 to $/£5.99 per month.

Amazon Music price 2023

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Amazon Music is fast growing and becoming popular. It’s the third biggest streaming platform in the world right behind Spotify and Apple Music. But why the price hike? On its customer service page, it explains that the new price hike will “help bring even more content and features” to users.


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