There is increase demand for tablets in Western Europe. The second quarter of 2021 saw an increase in demand for tablets grew by some 18% in the region. Apple is now the largest distributors of tablets in Western Europe followed by Lenovo. Samsung came third as its tablet market share in the region saw a decline in Q2 of 2021.

Samsung saw a massive drop of 24% year-on-year sales in its tablets market share. This equates to about 18% drop in Western Europe compare to its 2020 sales. Other brands that lost its tablets market share to Apple and Lenovo in the Q2 are Huawei and Amazon.

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Apple leads tablets sales in Western Europe

According to data published by Canalys, Apple saw its year-on-year tablet shipments grew by 73%. Thanks to the company’s M1-powered iPads that became very popular, Samsung lost some ground to Apple in the Western Europe Market. By the end of the second quarter, Apple alone had a market share of 36%.

Meanwhile, Lenovo came second place on the list, leaving the third place for Samsung to hold. Lenovo’s tablet shipments were up 87% year-on-year, with the company holding 20% of the market in terms of shipments in Q2 — 2% more than Samsung.

Tablets shipment report
Tablets shipment report (Image: Canalys)

In summary, both Apple and Lenovo holds about 56% of the tablet market share in Western Europe. Leaving 44% to be shared among Samsung, Huawei, and Amazon.

Just like Samsung, Huawei and Amazon also saw a drop in their shares in Western Europe. Huawei shares dropped by 38% and Amazon shares dropped by 15% year-on-year.

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