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Apple to rely more on OLED Panels from Samsung for iPhone 15 Displays

Apple has plans to reduce its reliance on Samsung to produce OLED panels for its iPhones. But it seems Apple will still need to rely more on OLED panels from Samsung for the display of its upcoming iPhone 15 phones.

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According to a new report, Apple wanted to move from Samsung to Chinese OLED maker BOE. However, there seems to be a problem with BOE’s OLED panel when it comes to the OLED displays for the iPhone 15. The new report shows that the OLED panels from BOE have not met Apple’s quality requirements.

iPhone 14 iOS 16.4 beta update
Apple iPhone OLED displays (Image: cNeT)

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As per the report, BOE’s OLED production has inconsistent yields and there’s a prominent light leakage around the cutout for the Dynamic Island. For this reason, the Cupertino giant is requesting more OLED panels from Samsung relying more on the Korean tech giant for the first OLED displays needed for its iPhone 15 phones.

LG is also a major OLED panel display supplier for Apple and might also make some of the OLED panels. However, according to TheElec, BOE is not completely out of the mix yet. It seems the BOE is making progress to meet the quality requirement from Apple and might make OLED panels for Apple iPhones at a later date.

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But for now, it seems Apple needs Samsung’s OLED panels in bulk for the iPhone 15 lineup. And this is making Samsung start production a month earlier than planned to be able to meet up with the OLED panel demand from Apple.






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