The statement “Health is Wealth” is still very much true even after been in existence for hundreds of years. That statement above is ageless and does not get old. Airtel Nigeria and MTN Nigeria have proven that they value Health more than making money.

Airtel and MTN Nigeria recently released an update regarding the Covid-19. They said, all Airtel and MTN customers can now visit the NCDC (Nigeria Center of Disease Control) and FMOH (Federal Ministery of Health) website for free.



What this means is that, all their customers can visit the above websites as many times as they like a day to get health updates on the ongoing Covid-19 at zero cost. This is a really nice gesture, from the two big network providers in Nigeria.

We hope the likes of Globacom and 9Mobile follow suite. Now, it’s not just about zero Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Make sure you make use of this to get latest information and health related issues and help stop the spread of Covid-19 in Nigeria.

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We hope they continue this even after the Covid-19 pandemic is over. Health updates are more important than Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts.

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