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Features of Samsung Galaxy S11 series

A screen glass protector for the Samsung Galaxy S11e, S11 and S11+ was recently released by @Universeice on Twitter. Now there have been rumors about the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S11 series. One of said that the Galaxy S11 and S11 plus will spot a 108MP back camera.

From a post that also surfaces online, it is also said that the Galaxy S11 series might come with a 5x optical zoom. If it does come with a 108MP rear camera then it might also just have a 5x optical zoom. But these are still not confirmed as official specifications are yet to be released.

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However, we do know some new things about the new Samsung Galaxy S11 series. We have confirmed that will be coming in three different variants with the names Samsung Galaxy S11e, Samsung Galaxy S11 and Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S11 series

From the glass screen protector we saw online, it shows that the phone will have a very little tiny bezer and it’s going to be a curved screen. The curved screen suggests that the screen of the phones will likely rolled down both sides of the phones.

Samsung Galaxy S11E will be the smallest of the series and the Galaxy S11 Plus will be the biggest. These phones are likely to share some things in common but there will be significant differences most likely in chipset, CPU, GPU, camera and battery.

More updates and full specifications will be available soon. Keep watching this space and follow Tech Arena24 for more smartphone updates.





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