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Google Pixel 7a specs and design confirmed in a new Leak from Vietnam

If you’re familiar with Google Pixel phones, you’ll know that the ABC Company will release a more affordable model of its Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro known as the Pixel 7a. It’s the company’s tradition from long ago and we also saw this with the release of the Pixel 6a.

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The Google Pixel 7a is expected to be released at Google’s annual developer conference called I/O, which happens in May. But ahead of the launch, we’ve seen a leak that shows the design and specs of the Pixel 7a. We assume this leak comes from Vietnam because the language of the phone in the leaked video is Vietnamese.

There have been some renders of the Pixel 7a since November last year and the new leak (though blurry) confirmed the renders. As shown in the blurry leak, the Pixel 7a will have a USB Type-C port in the bottom frame and dual speaker grills. The phone display of the phone will also support a 90Hz refresh rate as seen in the toggle button of the settings.

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Previous reports have confirmed that the phone will have an FHD+ display resolution, a flat-screen, dual rear cameras, 5W wireless charging, and an under-display fingerprint scanner. Most of the rumors above were confirmed by this new leak and the new leak also shows that the phone has dual-SIM support.

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The leak also shows that the Pixel 7a has a similar design as the Pixel 7 but its bezels are thicker than those of the Pixel 7. The Pixel 7a will not be as expensive as the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro and thus won’t feature some premium features. We hope to see more details about the specs of the smartphone in the coming weeks.

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