iPadOS 15 Overview: If you missed the Apple Event tagged the WWDC 2021 (WWDC21), well you kinda missed allot on lots of updates Apple is bringing with the iPadOS 15. But, not to worry, we followed it live and we’ll give you a quick overview of what Apple is bringing with iPadOS 15.

Everything is getting one update or the other in your iPad with iPadOS 15. The widgets, multitasking, Quick Note, and translator are all getting improved. Let’s start with the widgets.

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New Widgets

With the iPadOS 15, users can now place widgets on the home screen. This will give them instant access to these widgets. It is also more flexible to fix widgets anywhere on the display with ipadOS 15. To crown it all, Apple will also give you the ability to group apps and close some home screen pages that have not been used for some time.

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Improved Multitasking

Multitasking of the new iPadOS has also improved. iPad users can now have two options of multitasking – splitting the screen or placing several programs next to each other.

iPadOS 15 Overview
Image: 4pda

From the top of nay application, iPad users can now choose one of the modes he likes: splitting the screen or placing several programs next to each other. The multi-window principle is fully functional and can be minimized any time a user feels like.

Users can now also multi-task by dragging and dropping a running app onto another one.

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More Flexible Quick Note

The Quick Note on iPadOS 15 is also getting some boost. Users can now use, write, and save anything anywhere. Just swipe from the bottom right of the display will bring the Note and you can quickly write anything even while other application is running.

iPadOS 15 Overview
Image: 4pda

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The Translator can be accessed to translate from any application where there is text, as it can open directly from the context menu. There is also major improvements in the appearance and function of the translator.

iPadOS 15 Overview
Image: 4pda

Using the Swift Playgrounds environments, iPad users can now create applications right on the iPad. And the development is made even easier as developer can immediately test the created app on his iPad, and then apply for publication in the App Store.

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